Author Topic: The $55 Starbucks drink even Starbucks says is harmful  (Read 754 times)

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The $55 Starbucks drink even Starbucks says is harmful
« on: September 05, 2014, 09:04:50 AM »
America is a land of invention, where first there was ice cream and then there were toppings, and after that those toppings became weirder and weirder until we wound up with treats you need a winch and two teenagers to just get it back to your table. But that's just one food item.

So it isn't that strange that somebody kept adding things to various Starbucks coffee brews (in addition to their ridiculously-expensive basic swill), until somebody created a $55 drink containing so much caffeine that even a Starbucks representative says is NOT that great for you.

For those thinking of ordering a Sexagintuple Frap during their next Starbucks visit, think twice. Consumerist estimates that Andrew's drink contained 4.5 grams of caffeine and notes previous studies which claim 10 grams of caffeine is lethal to adults.

Linda Mills, a Starbucks rep, also condemned the idea when speaking with Seattle Weekly.

“This type of beverage order is totally excessive and not something we encourage people to do," she said. "It’s pretty inedible. Nor is it safe."

It's something Chifari can think about as he lay awake for, what we estimate to be, the next seven years of his life.

I really do like that last line, above!  :lol:


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