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Author Topic: "The ultimate wake and bake"---cannabis coffee  (Read 966 times)

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"The ultimate wake and bake"---cannabis coffee
« on: November 30, 2015, 03:08:50 AM »
It's named Legal. It contains the active ingredient for marijuana in every cup. Bloomberg looks at the cannabis coffee makers determined to "become bulletproof 2.0."

It was during an endless drive home from a camping trip in eastern Washington that entrepreneur Adam Stites came up with his latest product. "What would happen if I infused heavy cream with cannabis, then mixed it with my coffee?" he mused. (“My VW van doesn’t go very fast, so I have a lot of time to think,” Stites explains.)

He road-tested the idea as soon as he got home. So strong was the first dose, Stites woke up 13 hours after he chugged a single cup. Nonetheless, his professional interest was piqued. Not long after, he set up Mirth Provisions to sell a commercial version of his creation: marijuana-infused cold-brew coffee, dosed up with 20 milligrams of THC per serving. Waggishly named “Legal,” it’s the ultimate wake and bake.

( . . . )

The potential profits from a mashup of coffee and caffeine are, well, high. Per IRI data from Bloomberg Intelligence, coffee sales in America totaled $9.4 billion in the 52 weeks ending Nov. 1; it’s harder to gauge the size of the pot industry nationwide, but most estimates put it around $3 billion annually. Legal coffee has racked up sales of $439,815 since it launched in September 2014, all but $6,737 of which came in during the current calendar year.


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