Author Topic: Researchers confirm that your selfies make you look like an asshole  (Read 1035 times)

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 While Marxist, just are assholes! :biggrin:

The selfie is the portrait of a generation. It’s why Snapchat automatically opens to show you your own face. And it’s why every smartphone on the market has a front-facing camera.

But new research published in The Journal of Research in Personality, led by Washington State University, might give you pause before taking that next selfie. The study found that people who took selfies were perceived by strangers to be less likable, more lonely, and even have lower self esteem than those who didn’t. Meanwhile, people who posted more “posies” (or photos of themselves taken by other people) were perceived as more successful, likable, dependable, and perhaps most importantly, like they would make a good friend.


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