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Author Topic: Controlling Kids in a Post-Sandusky Era  (Read 1782 times)

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Controlling Kids in a Post-Sandusky Era
« on: April 10, 2019, 04:09:24 PM »
Sorry guys but I just had to get on here and bitch. I just got done volunteering at the salvation army. Every Wednesday they have Kids Club as an after school program for a few hours. (I dont have kids of my own)

The thing is these kids have absolutely no discipline whatsoever. They are all from low income broken homes and they think they can get away with anything. They yell, they hit, they run around and dont stay seated. They talk back, they swear, etc etc.The leader tells them to do something and they either say NO to his face or just ignore him and go on their way and most of the time he just let's them!

Now I get that kids do these things and it is our job to correct them. But that is where the system  breaks down. There is no correction. There is no STICK or CARROT to use on these kids.

Now as a former infantryman this was absolutely grinding my gears to just sit there and watch these kids walk all over the leader time and again. So at one point when he stepped out and I was in charge I told one kid who was sitting backwards in his chair to turn around. Predictably he said no so I got up, lifted him up and pulled him out of the chair, turned it around and sat him in it.

So guess what happens...when leader gets back he tells me right there in front of all the other kids that we really aren't supposed to pick them up or touch them, "for their saftey". I didnt have time to talk to him about it further today but next week I'm gonna have a stern talk with him about the STICK and the CARROT, and about how it is perfectly fine to be physically forceful with a child when they are acting in an unsafe manner to themselves or others.

Srry this just really needed to come out and I figured you guys could probably relate.

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Re: Controlling Kids in a Post-Sandusky Era
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2019, 04:37:06 PM »

Well, you definitely have more patience than me. Sounds like the so called "Leader" needs his ass picked up and sat down and told to STFU and listen.
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Re: Controlling Kids in a Post-Sandusky Era
« Reply #2 on: April 10, 2019, 06:03:56 PM »
So the "Leader" leads from behind. 

I would tell them there must be some order or I'm out the door. 
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