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Making a monument
« on: February 23, 2017, 11:43:21 PM » offers an intriguing photo essay on the making of Mount Rushmore....

The workers were paid $8 an hour, which is more than $100 an hour by today's standards. But the work was brutal and dangerous. They had to endure blazing hot summers and bitter cold winters. Just to clock in each morning, they had to climb more than 500 stairs and maneuver over 45 ramps to the top of the mountain. Drillers and carvers strapped into leather harnesses dangled on the side of the mountain, hundreds of feet off the ground. Anytime they needed to change position or come up for the day, a worker hand-cranked the cable. Incredibly, not a single person died in the process, thanks to the intricate, and stringent, infrastructure Borglum designed.

All told, Mount Rushmore took 400 men and women, 14 years, and nearly $1 million to complete.


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