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Author Topic: helllooooo whats been goin on,lol  (Read 1062 times)

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helllooooo whats been goin on,lol
« on: December 08, 2010, 07:37:50 AM »
Been alittle busy with life in general around here..... is why I havent been around.  Himself filled his tags, got a 5pt n a button. He saved the antlers for the wall of shame,,, the rest I have been dealing with,lol  We took , no HE took them to our friend who butchered em up only to the point where I could finish cutting to fit us. The guy did an awesome job, I think we will be letting him do them all the time. One day I fetched the meat,,,few days later we got the venison italian sauseage (50lbs),,,last but not least was the slim jims ( 3.5 beer boxes full). Himself likes em,,,me not so much,,, well, truthfully they are boring,lol. But nothing alittle mustard cant cure,lol.
Got hit with some weather last weekend, it is slightly on the refreshing side with temps at maybe 20,lol.  That wood burner has been crankin for a few days now. This weekend they say we should get nailed with the stuff from the west coast that is comin thru. So today,,,I will go shoppin n get ready for whatever hits, get some Christmas shoppin done and basically enjoy the scullery maid part of my day. Then tomorrow jump right into years end,lol
So how've you guys been? I see we have new guys,,,thats a wonderful thing!
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