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Happy middle of the week,lol
« on: November 03, 2010, 06:21:11 AM »
Sorry I haven't been around, been slightly on the roller skate whoosh parade, yep been busy.  Brother goes back to blimp-land today. Spent a good deal of yesterday getting the last of his gotta do's done. During that time i I looked for some new Thanksgiving stuff, guess what,,, I guess Thanksgiving has turned into a grocery store holiday. 3 stores flat out told us they just skip right over that one and go straight to Christmas. I find that particularly rude. Anyway,,,, Halloween went well, sat out front and got slammed with kids. Our neighborhood has 3 elementary schools within 8 blocks, Saftey Town ( a ploace where they teach kids proper ways of crossing streets, in case of fire what to do that kinda thing) is a block away,,, it's crazy around us. Sat there from about 4 til 8:30 non stop doing the candy thing,lol. That was after we did the last of the winterizing at the cabin. Himself blew his back out pretty good so I had to do the lifting and stretching he couldn't. The river this weekend was busy to, had a Saturday afternoon pig roast,,,then a costume party that night....
On the other hand, we have discovered our great grandchhild to be born mid March is gonna be a boy,lol. This is good news.....
Now I gotta be silently pleased Pelosi is OUTTA HERE! hehehegheheheheeeeee;)
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