Author Topic: It's Crazy To Consider Article V Without Preparation For It.  (Read 1306 times)

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It's Crazy To Consider Article V Without Preparation For It.
« on: October 26, 2014, 09:31:59 AM »
I've heard people say it's crazy to consider an Article V convention under any conditions.  Of course they never  reasonably considered what proper preparation would do for the environment a convention occurs in.  They all pretty much evaded the issue and continued with the blind belief that a convention was going to be the end of the constitution.

I see it the opposite.  Constitutional erosion is increasing each year and there are hundreds of legislative events that substantiate that assertion.  I see that without an Article V convention with "the people as the rightful masters of the congress and the courts, (Lincoln, 1859) that in the not too far future, it is quite possible that some event could trigger suspension of all rights under the constitution, permanently.

For that reason I went about the task of developing a plan to remove all risk from the proposal of Article V.  That plan only has one flaw, its idealism.  The ideal that Americans can recognize, know and define constitutional intent, then demand it.

One would think that if their lives, rights and freedoms depended on such, that Americans could rise to such a demand.  So far, no.  Simple social fears, like those which controlled nazi Germany control Americans.  The security and comfort of a "warm happy" society with a lurking threat of social castigation lurks behind ugly truths seemingly NONE have the courage to confront. 

Benjamin Franklin reaches from our past with another truth, a general reminder; Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.

Fortunately, the plan to make an Article V convention safe and adequately defend the constitution does not require that any of the ugly truths be engaged, but the promise of their arrival is there. However, all that is required now is the acknowledgement and support of the simple beauty of natural law in the logical form of constitutional intent.

The period in time of the creation of the framing documents of this nation were filled with contentious competition for inclusion and exclusion of concept.  This caused a fracturing of constitutional intent spreading it over all three documents making a puzzle of concepts and priority for the usurpers of the constitution to exploit in the future with confusion in the minds of beleaguered Americans assaulted with continued efforts to return it to a subservient colony covertly serving the agenda of the English, Roman Empire.

That prime constitutional intent fractured and distributed over the three framing documents centers on that concept pivotal to the reasons for the Declaration of Independence.  The need to "alter or abolish" government abusive to the unalienable rights named in that document.  What was fractured from the functional, conceptual quality of that right was freedom of speech, or more precisely, its purpose within the function of "alter or abolish".

That function was separated from Article V, which is the codification of "alter or abolish". Freedom of speech enables the unity needed within democracy manifested in each state to use Article V independent of congress and the courts.  Freedom of speech, in natural law, has the purpose of assuring information vital to survival is shared and understood.

This fracturing of constitutional intent separated that vital function from "alter or abolish" and Article V as created with the 1787 constitution.  The framers assumed that the fundamental function would remain no matter what.  The arrival of millions of people and mass media has removed the function of properly informing those masses of the usurpations of unalienable rights, or ways to defend them, from the reach of Americans.  That capacity only resides with government or the privately held economic power of corporations.

In the above is all the reasoning needed to justify preparation for an Article V convention that overcomes the impairment of function created by the fragmentation of vital concepts in the framing documents of the constitution.

At least three amendments to the constitution, logically probably four, need to proceed a general convention proposing and ratifying amendments to the constitution. The first I will save for last because those critical of this plan fir constitutional defense may use it to marginalize the entire plan.   However after the other amendments are understood, the need for it within the overall action will be obvious.  It is simply a correction of a minor but vital aspect of language in the constitution itself.  Something that compensates for a deficiency due to human fallibility of a group under duress.

The latter three issues to be addressed by amendment in preparation for Article V are as follows.

2)  Ending the abridging of free speech

3)  Securing the vote

4)  Campaign finance reform

All that those three amendments do is return constitutionality that has been gradually usurped.

Ending the abridging of free speech removes the power to inform the masses of reason to amend in defense of the constitution from the hands of those that compromise it for profits and places that in the hands of loyal American people. It puts the power to share method of constitutional defense in the hands of those that WILL do it.

Any argument contending elections are secure as they is shattered by facts of the past as yet fully investigated or addressed. It is subversion of the need for constitutional defense.

The same applies to criticism of the need for campaign finance reform, for obvious reasons very similar to those justifying the previous two proposed matters to be addressed by amendment.

The preceding surrounds the need for the first of four amendments as yet undefined.  The amendment of Article V itself to correct the deficiency of not having language assuring the people are prepared to be "the rightful masters of the congress and the courts".  This can be done by the insertion of one sentence into Article V and insures that all amendments have constitutional intent as Article V requires.


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