Author Topic: Rifle Price Drop?  (Read 515 times)

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Rifle Price Drop?
« on: November 07, 2016, 05:30:25 AM »


27,000 ordered, and order cancelled...?

Firebrand Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said Monday he would cancel an order for about 27,000 American-made assault rifles, in his latest display of defiance against the United States.

The rifles were due to be provided to the Philippine police but Duterte said he would look for cheaper alternatives.

"The (rifles) that were ordered already, I am ordering the police to cancel it. We'll just have to look for another source that is cheaper and maybe as durable and as good," Duterte said.

Aside from our President and this nut not getting along very well, and his communist leanings, I'm trying not to get pissed off at the country  where my Dad lost his best friend, fighting to free from the Japanese.   Short memories indeed!   Maybe Japan should "retake" the Philippines - just to keep it from willfully falling into communist hands...  LOL.  What a twist, we free 'em, and they run right back into slavery... so we can free 'em again!

Well, they are rifles for the "Police", maybe someone will have some to unload at wholesale prices, soon.
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