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Jerry Cans - the good ones
« on: September 27, 2015, 12:22:27 PM »

We have 2 each of the 5L & 10L (1.25 & 2.5 gal).  These are the good ones, with the internal venting so they pour fast and smooth & FAST.  The 5L is perfect for mixed gas, chainsaw, weed wacker, trimmers, etc.   The spout fits all sizes.
If we were storing lots of gas or diesel, I'd go with the 20L (5 gallon) cans.

Don't bother with these
When the cheap, screw on, plastic cap & spout dries out, cracks & falls apart...  good luck!  The darn things leak and yea, and it does the nice glug, glug, glug when pouring fuel (spitting it all over yourself).

BTW, the spout also fits the NATO cans, even though they don't have the improved internal venting.
If you're doing a direct draw from the can to a generator, they have a neat spout for that too.
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