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Eight  Essential Books for the Survivalist
There are many others, but I think these will have a special interest.

1. Deadfalls & Snares

 This is one of the first books I ever bought.
I I bought it with my grass cutting money when I was 10.
My parents sister and I went during the summer to the outskirts of St. Paul Minnesota to visit my Ma’s sister and family. They lived in the country 30 miles out of St Paul  a block from a lake that had a large Mink farm on the other shore.
Outside the house was a barrel that caught the rainwater. My Aunt used it for washing clothes, But also for a quick drink. There was a cup ladle hanging on the side.   Yes the water up there at that time was considered that clean. That would have been 1947 or 1948. ‘
 They had a well you pumped to get water.
The Toilet was out side. In the winter people used a slop bucket when it was bitter cold out.

 Like all people that lived out they burned their garbage.
I I had walked around the property which was 2 acres in size. At the very rear  of their land was the garbage burning pit.
Well, right next to the burning area was a three inch entrance hole for an animal. Probably a rat.
Growing almost overhead was a tree.. I got all excited. I ran up to my Aunt Inez house and my            Uncle Bob gave me about 15 feet of old fishily.  I had my own pocketknife.

That day, I set the first real  snare I ever made in front of the entrance. I had previously practiced a dozen times making a Figure 4 trip trigger, which is what I used.

 After I set it, I went up to the House and told them what I did.
    Well I don’t think it was an hour before there was a lot of squealing shrieks coming from back there. I told my  Uncle and he went in the house and grabbed his 1911 A1 .45 and walked to the rear with myself, my Ma and my ‘Aunt in tow.
Bouncing up and down was a rat that had the snare loop around his body. My Uncle took careful aim with his pistol and bang the rats head and shoulders disappeared.
All this was a very big deal for a Ten year old. I was really proud.
I found out is was a 1911 because my Uncle told me it was from World War II and I never forgot it. They had twin married daughters, both of whom married officers in the Military. One husband was in Submarines  and the other was a Pilot.

This is a FREE Ebook downloadable or read online
Project Gutenberg's Deadfalls and Snares, by A. R. (Arthur Robert) Harding (1909)
This is the only book and the best imaginable book on Deadfalls and Snares. R.A. has masterfully written this book with anecdotal information on each method. The illustrations are all clear and easily interpreted and visualized. There is no better book.
I copied the book (pages 78), pasted it into WordPad and converted it into a PDF. I also saved a copyt in my Word Processor less the Illustrations which didn’t copy into the Word Proc.

Originally it’s a small bookl 5” x 3 ½. I still have my copy from when I was a Kid.

2.) Tracking: A Blueprint for Learning How - Jack Kearney 1978 ( First  Edition) Paper
Border Patrol Agent Jack specialized in tracking people for over 17 years. Pages 150
If you want to learn about the science of tracking Man or Animals this is a Fantastic Tracking Learning Book. Accompany Kearney as he tracks a man. Read and learn the art of tracking. All human  Tracking - well illustrated.

3. Field Guide to Animal Tracks National Audobon Society Olaus Murie Pages 375 Lavisly illustrated

4. The Complete Tracker Len McDougal 1997 - pages 273 well illustrated
Strength of this book is the dozen pages on living habits of each animal species

5. Animal Tracks & Signs of North America Richard P. Smith 1949 Illustrated Pages 271

6. Field Guide to Edible Plants Bradford Angier
All illustrations in Color - watercolor realistic photo like Over 120 Edible plants
After reading I discovered that about ½ the weeds and other stuff growing wild is edible or can be used for various purposes. Tells how Indian and Settlers used and how prepared. Really extraordinary.

7. Using Wild & Wayside Plants Nelson Coon 1980 100 plants - Ink  Line drawings
Information helpful but illustrations do not help a lot in identifying plant as black & white

8, MUSHROOMS - Simon & Shuster 420 species + Full Color photo illustrations Pages 511
I have 4-5 other mushroom books. This is the only book you ever need. If you eat wild mushrooms this is a must. Every mushroom / bracket fungi / truffle type, mold  or mildew is covered. Alongside each picture is a large key Symbol - Edible - inedible good - excellent - deadly - poisonous - symbiotic - parasitic sapropytic, and spore color.
I gave you a list of really good books.

Now where can you buy any one of them used?
The place is:

They advertise 100 million books.
Alibris is about 30,000 book dealers that have put their inventory on line with Alibris.

Note I have bought probably over 300 books at Alibris. 99% of the books I have bought were for $.99 cents or a $1.99.
When you go to their website there is a search box in the upper right corner. Enter the subject or if you have an author or actual title. If you enter an author, any author with that name will display.
Usually the cheapest books will be on the first page.
Watch for “”” SEE ALL FROM $ X
Look for the $.99 cent.
They will list the condition as Fair, Good, like New, New.
I have bought many books rated Fair that looked like new when I received them.

Second thing to watch for is who is the Seller?

If you buy 5 different books from 5 different Sellers they will each have their own shipping Cost.
Somewhere it will tell you the minimum shipping cost. I think it’s around $3.00.

It is better to buy as many books as possible from one seller
 Once you click to look at all editions the Seller’s name will be displayed.
You click Add to Cart when you find your book.
If you have Added  a book and then find another cheaper OR from the same Book Dealer you already ordered a book from - ADD that one to your Cart.
When you go to your Cart you will have a list of books with Sellers names.
You can delete any book on the list. CLICK - Remove from list.

At some point when you purchase you have to register with them. On a secure page you have to give your address etc: plus credit card number.
I don’t buy a lot online and believe their website is very safe. With 30,000 booksellers it has to be. All transactions go through Alibris. They pay the Vendors.
There is a Competing website ABE’s which was bought by Amazon. I bought from Amazon once. I don’t care for Amazon or Abe. I think they are too high pressure and felt I was being spammed.
The strength of our Society is the continuous recognition, respect and acknowledgment of the right of Freedom of Speech and necessity of high social and moral standards as well as loyalty to the absolute implementation of those principles set forth in our US constitution.

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I'll look at them, been meaning to get around to practical knowledge in my readings.  Thank you for the recommendations

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