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Shooting Sports
« on: October 07, 2018, 02:05:33 PM »
I've been enjoying the shooting sports for a few decades now.  It all started when a former Recon Marine moved in next to me.  He invited me to the range where I was able to become proficient with the 1911 I bought years before.  He said, "if you want to shoot a lot, reload your own".  So I did.  He also said "if you want a big gun collection, get an FFL", so I did.  :)

I got the FFL back in 1990 when it was $35 for 4 years,  Got inspected once by the ATF; it went well.  Had to give up the license in 1994 when Hawaii passed a law requiring that FFL's be in a business only zoned area to obtain the state permit.  I think most of the +800 FFL's in Hawaii went out of business.

Anyway, in 2013 the local gun club I belong to in Bremerton WA asked for volunteers to help out with starting the new junior smallbore program. I raised my hand even though I knew nothing about Olympic style shooting.  For the first few months I mostly watched the other coaches and ran the line as the range safety officer.  After a while I was trusted with starting out the new little kids with a rifle prone on a block and mat.  As I was a relative youngster in my early 50's the other couches told me I needed to buy a rifle and compete, so I bought a Savage MKI and put on a wood stock and Anschutz adjustable butt plate.  The first time I shot from the sling I thought, "Wow this is tight, what am I doing to these kids?"  But I got used to it and eventually progress into the kneeling and offhand positions and started to compete.  After a few matches I was told to use a KK300 and match ammo from the club's small bore safe.  :)  I also competed with a FWB 300S and my Anschutz 8001.

Unfortunately the club (KRRC in Bremerton WA) got shut down after a lawsuit was filed by the county in part over noise zoning and safety concerns.  Never mind that the county tried to discourage the use of noise abatement after suing over noise complaints.

So now the other coaches and myself are using precision air rifles to teach.  There are not many air rifle competitions as small bore though.  Most of the team has moved to other clubs or quit.  The ones that moved are doing well for the most part. 

I have supplied several Anschutz 8001's and a FWB 600.  The other coaches supply FWB 300S' and a FWB 602.  My avatar shows me shooting a FWB 300S.

Anyone else involved in Olympic style shooting/coaching?

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