Author Topic: I have set aside football and discovered rugby  (Read 2286 times)

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I have set aside football and discovered rugby
« on: April 24, 2018, 08:59:25 PM »
I haven't been a huge football fan but always took in the big games and many college games esp Big 10.  I just lost interest a couple of years ago even with my beloved Spartans.  A friend introduced me to rugby and I have found a game worth watching.  We gather at his house on Tue evenings and watch a match over a beer or two on YouTube.  Another friend and former player joins us regularly.  No PC crap!  No political showmanship!  Just great competition and smash mouth without pads.  The rule differences and play aren't hard to understand with a little research or tutoring.  Even the comentary can be funny, like "that was a lovely run" and "he just shows great physicality" and many others you would never hear over here.  And the USA Eagles are really coming along!  They won the Americas Rugby Championship this year again and are doing well in 7's.  High school rugby leagues are forming all the time and of course it has a growing college scene although minuscule compared to football.  For me it has been well worth the investment.  As a side note both pro and college football teams are learning to tackle rugby style (wrap up with the arms and not use the head) to cut down on concussions and by all indications it has made a difference. 


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