Author Topic: Duke suffered crushing loss in tournament Sunday — because of HB2  (Read 1284 times)

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Duke got their butts whipped by a 7 seed because a grown ass man can't piss next to a nine year old girl....


Duke suffered crushing loss in tournament Sunday — and some are blaming NC’s bathroom laws

Thanks to North Carolina’s controversial “bathroom bill,” the NCAA announced in September that it would move tournament games to other arenas outside of the state. So while Duke could have played Sunday night’s game in Greensboro, N.C., a mere 45 minutes away from its campus,  instead it had to play in Greenville, less than two hours away from the University of South Carolina’s campus.

Therefore, for some heartbroken fans, there was no one to blame but former North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory (R) for the loss of what could have essentially been a home game for the Blue Devils — and subsequently, the loss of the tournament game.

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Re: Duke suffered crushing loss in tournament Sunday — because of HB2
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As a resident of NC I have followed this story fairly closely. The intent of Gov. McCrory and the GOP legislature was worthy. It was in response to a local ordinance passed by the democrat controlled Charlotte city council saying people could use any bathroom they identify withas far as gender is concerned. The GOP response was knee jerk reaction and they fell into the democrat trap that cost McCrory reelection. This opened a can of worms and energized the left. I say this law was unnecessary because there are plenty of laws on the books that apply to any transgressions any person might commit in any bathroom. Subsequently it has been a real negative commercial activity within the state. The loss of the NCAA regional is just one example. Another is the ACC moved its 2016 football championship game from Charlotte to Orlando.
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