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Stupid Lib "Right To Repair Laws
« on: July 16, 2017, 03:46:37 PM »
Ya know, if an appliance or car, or even a bicycle manufacturer made a product that couldn't be repaired, they'd soon go out of business.
But idiots want to force tech companies to make it easier to repair cell phones, laptops, and any myriad of tech gear, not once considering the bulk it adds to the size as well as weight, but the cost to manufacture repair friendly tech, maybe even lose the water resistance or its ability to survive shock.

The worst gadgets to own if 'right to repair' never passes

Ever tried to repair your iPhone yourself? Apple doesn’t make it easy. In fact, it prefers that you don’t.

The Cupertino, CA company, along with Microsoft and large consumer tech companies, has lobbied against so-called "right to repair" laws introduced in eight different states in recent months. The guidelines would require companies like Apple to provide their customers with access to parts and directions for repairing themselves the hardware they own.

So far, the only "right to repair" law that's passed in any state has dictated action from car manufacturers, not electronics companies. But supporters of bringing the movement to things like smartphones, tablets and laptops are going to continue to push.

"We’ve been working on this, in one shape or another, for over a decade," iFixit CEO Kyle Wiens told Circa.

iFixit helps gadget owners fix their devices themselves, when companies refuse to.

Hello!!! If they won't fix it, and you can't, don't patronize that company ever again, let the free mkt decide who the winners and loser are.
I'll never ever buy another Toshiba product again, not after the over priced POS they sold me, then refused to help me fix the problem.\
And I make a point to tell people I see looking at Toshiba products just how crappy they are, that's the free mkt at work.


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