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Scientific Accuracy of the Bible: Millions of Years
« on: May 15, 2018, 06:59:16 AM »
Fair enough Hunt; as we own our opinions.
But permit a strong demurral, based on an explanation given me by a
relative who is a Prof. of Organic Chemistry @ U of Penn, now retired.
No Mathematics, simply English.
* All matter in nature (rocks, fossils etc.) is comprised of distinct and
identifiable elements; each of which are subject to decay/extinction over time.
* As any element within matter decays, a quantifiable attribute, the matter
  changes/ages and this can be measured for each element.
* Since any timeline can be measured forward; intuitively it can be reversed.
In summary, this Prof insisted that Radiometric Dating has been both sound
and verifiable Science for more than a century (unlike those lefty faves;
the Theories of Evolution and Relativity).
Giving the Bible its deserved due, it does not specify a timeline for Earth,
nor does it presume to be an authority on this matter.
So let me suggest Christ's admonition is appropriate here.
"Render to the Almighty what is his (spiritual) and to Caesar what is his (material)".

Please permit me to make the case...
And before i do let me point out that no ones salvation depends on believing thousands of years vs millions of years.  Salvation depends only on accepting that Christ paid for your sins so that now you are clean. That said libs love to chip away at truth and reality, especially the bible, so it is important to draw the line...

Unlike those lefty faves; the Theories of Evolution and Relativity

I am glad to see you do not accept the myth of macro evolution. That will shorten my response considerably.

As any element within matter decays, a quantifiable attribute, the matter changes/ages and this can be measured for each element.
Radiometric Dating has been both sound and verifiable Science for more than a century

This is the assumption i was talking about. RCD has only been around about a century and in that time the decay rate of carbon has remained relatively stable and that is the number plugged into the equation and worked backwords. But science is simply assuming the decay rate never changes, even over long periods of time. They have only had a hundred years to test a number they are using to predict millions of years. Considering we know that the earth has undergone massive climate changes in the past (jungles in the sahara and the arctic) It would be a safer assumption to assume that it does change, and if it changes in a way we cannot predict then it ceases to be a valid means of measuring the past, and almost every other way of establishing an old earth is based off of RCD. Now the flood is the greatest example of climate change in history and before that the environment would be massively different from today.

Giving the Bible its deserved due, it does not specify a timeline for Earth,

The bible gives a complete account going all the way back to abraham and the extra biblical sources confirm this. However from that point back (thru the noah flood back to adam) it is clear that the geneologies must ommit a few generations. This would permit a few thousand years leeway, but not millions of years.

If man was created on day 6 and then millions of years passed after that, it means that man was walking the earth with dinosaurs for most of the millions of years of history, yet didnt develop civilization intil a few thousand years ago. What were they doing for millions of years that kept them from advancing into civilization?

The bible states that death entered the world through sin and was not in it before sin. Therefore death did not exist until after the fall into sin which was after the 6 days of creation, so if those 6 days were really millions of years then there wld have been no death for millions of years.

So while the bible doesnt give an exact date for the age of the earth it does give us restrictions on it being too long.

Also consider this. There is not a single peice of technology today which relies on 'millions of years' being true in order to function.

nor does it presume to be an authority on this matter.

The bible claims to be the unerring word of God.

Psalms 12:6: "the words of the LORD are flawless"
Psalms 119:89: "Your word, O LORD, is eternal, it stands firm" 
Proverbs 30:5-6: "Every word of God is flawless"
etc. etc. etc. (There are more)

And it is quite clear that the 6 days of genesis are literal 24 hr morning and evening days, and it goes on to repeat this in exodus. If u ask non religious hebrew language scholars they will tell you the intent of the text is 6 literal days. It is the religious profs trying to jive the bible with liberal science who try to expand the 6 days into millions of years.

Also consider that there are many well educated scientist who point out that the thousands of years in the bible is compatable with the evidence we observe in the world around us. And most of the scientific advances prior to the 2nd half of the 20th century were christians who accepted the 6 days of creation as literal.

Lastley i will leave you with some links to some sites with some christian scientists making this same case.


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