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Title: Russia & Green Energy Protests
Post by: Hoofer on August 28, 2017, 02:26:22 PM
Good read!

First - To define the types of Russian influence over American Policy
Three types of “agents of influence” typically work under the direction of a foreign government’s case officer, who tells them what intelligence to gather or steal, Stiles said.

The first type, a “controlled agent,” knowingly works for a foreign entity but rather than steal secrets tries to influence his country’s public policy. Harry Dexter White, an economist and top Treasury Department official in the 1940s, is an example: White, who also knowingly passed secrets to the Soviet  Union, tried to convince U.S. policymakers to provide interest-free loans to the Soviets to help them rebuild after World War II.

The second type, a “trusted contact,” knows he or she is helping a foreign source, but isn’t necessarily gaining from it personally. The person shares the goals of the foreign entity and is willing to help achieve them.

And the third type, a “manipulated source,” has no idea he is working for a foreign country.
(Probably missed a couple:   "Dumbass Leftist" & "Brain Dead Protestor")

OK, now that we know that much...  what protest groups are *likely* involved?
Sea Change gave a total of $2 million to Virginia Organizing from 2008 to 2012, in particular to “educate the public about climate and clean energy,” according to records provided to The Daily Signal by the Capital Research Center, a Washington-based think tank that tracks causes on the left.

Since Preserve Montgomery County and the Friends of Nelson County are identified as partners of Virginia Organizing, Stiles warns, both anti-pipeline groups either knowingly or unknowingly operate as “agents of influence” on behalf of the Russians—and Putin in particular.

Where is the money coming from?
Other left-leaning contributors to Virginia Organizing, Vadum noted, include Tides Foundation and Tides Center ($1.26 million), the Kendeda Foundation ($4.66 million), the Marisla Foundation ($3.58 million), and the Kresge Foundation ($1.32 million).

Stiles said the evidence shows anti-pipeline and anti-natural gas activists are colluding with Russia, even if unknowingly, to “thwart American energy independence” and “prevent America’s allies from becoming independent from Russian energy.”

OK, we live in the middle of this nonsense - and, as you might have already figured out, there is like Z-E-R-O local involvement in these groups.  At the most, we see an occasional sign by the side of the road, "Stop Fracking", which appears in the same yards as the Hillary Supporters.  Maybe a bill board.   The protesters are from out-of-state, the money is from out-of-state, and the nonsense claims they make is in complete ignorance of the pipelines that have existed in the ground for +65 years.

Since almost all of the pipelines cross privately owned property, The very best they can do is find some old lady and scare the hell out of her to refuse to let surveyors on her property.  Where it does cross public property, roads, for instance, there's never a protester in sight.  (I might offer them a soda or water, the entire contents at once...).

Follow the money trail of these Greenie Leftists... it goes back to Russia.