Author Topic: Killing Carbon Tax the old fashioned Capitalist way.  (Read 417 times)

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Killing Carbon Tax the old fashioned Capitalist way.
« on: June 14, 2017, 05:39:55 PM »
I love it when the desire for PROFIT overcomes leftist lunacy.
We can thank Donald Trump for throwing a wrench into the socialist plan to control carbon dioxide.

The problem is simple, it simply won't work unless EVERYONE gets on-board.
.... We proposed a carbon added tax, modelled on the GST, that would exempt exports and tax imports.

The less desirable current arrangement in Canada of taxing production exempts imports and taxes exports, thereby impeding the competitiveness of Canadian businesses. 

Translation:  "This is gonna put the locals out-of-business!  Who came up with this crap!?"

Does it make sense to tax Albertan oil exports to the U.S. while importing foreign oil tax free into eastern Canada? Moreover, the current system fails to efficiently reduce global emissions given the prospects of domestic production being replaced by imports from countries with lower environmental standards.

Translation:  "We're trying to make-a-buck on taxation, and you're gonna let China buy US oil & coal to then import here...?  They'll kill us with cheap imports!!!"

...the environmentalists are wringing their hands:  Save the planet or save the jobs... hmmm... China & India are gonna poison us with Carbon Dioxide, hey!  Isn't that "tree food?"

I say, PLEASE, please, please... Canada, tax the hell out of your energy production, 'cause we got hundreds of years of natural gas, and we'll just reverse the gas flow across the border into your country, collapse the Canadian Dollar and suck the jobs back across the border.   :thumbsup:
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