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Author Topic: Indian spacecraft apparently crashes in historic moon landing attempt  (Read 2559 times)

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In a crushing disappointment, India's unmanned Vikram lander — carrying a small rover and the pride of a nation — apparently crash landed near the moon's south pole Friday toward the end of a seemingly smooth descent.

With Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi looking on at the control center, the Indian Space Research Organization's Vikram lander fired its braking rockets shortly after 4 p.m. ET, kicking off what was to have been a 15-minute descent to the surface.

The Chandrayaan-2 lander, carrying eight science instruments and a small, six-wheel rover known as Pragyan, or "Wisdom," was to have spent two weeks in lunar daylight studying the moon's polar environment in a mission seen as a demonstration of India's increasingly sophisticated space prowess.
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