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E-Mail.....From my Internet Security Kaspersky 1:22 P.M.
« on: August 09, 2012, 04:15:26 PM »
Dear Kaspersky Customer
Over the next few days you may be hearing about a new cyber threat that has been identified as "Gauss". We wanted to let you know that as an active Kaspersky customer, you are protected from this latest cyber threat and do not need to take any action.

Below is some information about Gauss, what it does, who it affects and how it was found.

About Gauss
Gauss is a new cyber threat designed to monitor online banking accounts - our research thus far shows the majority of users affected are in the Middle East. The spread of infection is undetermined.

Gauss is a complex, nation-state sponsored cyber-espionage toolkit designed to steal sensitive data, with a specific focus on browser passwords, online banking account credentials, cookies, and specific configurations of infected machines. It is also capable of stealing access credentials for various online banking
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