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« on: October 08, 2018, 07:26:30 AM »
I will argue how come universities are mostly leftist.

Creationism is much maligned in academics, but you should hold back on your prejudices about it, because it's really the best most common sense thing.

You should view creationism as the alternative to materialism, and postmodernism. Not the Christian or Islamic creationism in particular, but generic creationism, the structure of a creation theory in general.

In materialism only facts are validated, the existence of material things is a matter of fact. That leaves subjective opinion, like about beauty nowhere. There is no place for beauty in materialism.

Then they made postmodernism, which asserts that subjectivity is inherent in statements of fact. That makes no strict sense, but it is better than materialism because at least it provides some facillity to subjectivity.

But what we require ofcourse is to have both objective fact and subjective opinion, each validated in their own right, and that is creationism.

Creationism has two categories, creator and creation. Subjective opinions apply to creators, and facts apply to creations. Choice is the mechanism of creation, it is how things originate.

To explain subjective opinion, take a look at the phrase "I find this painting beautiful". The opinion is formed by spontaneous expression of emotion with free will, thus choosing the opinion. The word "beautiful" identifes a love for the way the painting looks as agency of the choice to say it is beautiful. So the logic of subjective opinion is to make a choice about what it is that makes a choice.

The logic fact is the same in creationism as in materialism, except that facts are only about creations. A fact is obtained by evidence of a creation forcing to produce a 1 to 1 corresponding model of it. The phrase "there is a mangotree by the river", the words essentially make a 1 to 1 corresponding model of said tree, forced by the evidence of it.

So you see that's great, both opinion and fact, each validated in their own right, with their own method, and their own domain to which they apply.

It matters if a politician is a materialist, a postmodernist, or a creationist. For example both communism and nazism are highly materialistic. Communism with dialectic materialism, and nazism with regarding character of people as a factual issue of racial science.

So it is my contention that people at Universities become leftists, because of the prevalence of materialism and postmodernism there, and the denial of  creationism.

Materialism undermines subjectivity to such an extent, as that mant people cannot become emotionally mature at universities. The hysteria of the left I guess to be typical of a certain kind of lack of emotional maturity, eventhough they may be emotionally mature in other areas of life.

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Re: Creationism
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2018, 08:30:14 AM »
Welcome Sam

That's an interesting take on Marxism in school.
Though a bit involved myopically, I've always viewed it as teaching ignorance. The left doesn't want people understanding history, educated to the point they develop critical thinking skills, no, they want them for a lack of better descriptor, "Barefoot and Pregnant".


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