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Considering Grid Tie Solar?
« on: January 24, 2015, 06:28:44 AM »
Aside from a couple of mistakes by the author, the article exposes the "Green Energy" movement for what it is, a huge ass scam. (all in all, a good and informative read.
Now ask yourself, why are energy prices sky rocketing, just as Obola claimed they would do under his plan?
Because he purposefully killed off the coal industry, to make his Commie Green energy more cost effective, and by buying into the scam, as in going after govt rebates, you're basically selling out and buying into the scam.
Don't Do It!

Secrets of Residential Solar Lease – Sweet Deal or Disastrous Rip-off?
by San Jose Green Home on January 27, 2010
A scam?  A rip-off? A deal of the century?  Ready or not folks, it’s here!  A solution that gives access to solar power even to the most cash strapped green minded suburbanites and… it’s brought to you by the very people who delivered us the sub-rime mortgage debacle.

It’s called a “residential solar lease” which is a “no money down” program that can get you electricity cheaper than what you cash out to PG&E on monthly basis.  Sounds familiar?

The idea is simple, instead of buying your panels by dishing out thousands of dollars upfront, you lease them for “one low monthly fee.”  You win, the solar company wins, environment is happy.

So what’s not to love?  How about a 15 year contract, a 3.9% increased payment every year and our Wall Street friends who have their fingers all over this sweet deal!?

Let’s start from square one. On the surface, this sounds like a viable option for many home owners.  It solves an expensive problem of purchasing the panels outright for around 27,000 dollars (average 1,700 sq. foot home).

It works a bit like a car lease where home owners sign a deal that locks them in for 15 years with the option of extending their lease or buying the panels at the end of the contract.  With a solar lease, your monthly payments can be around $110 which, according to the service providers, will normally be around 15% less than your PG&E bill.  Are you sold yet?

After all, the way these companies and even our media like to paint it – it’s a no brainer deal (or a deal for brain-dead).

SolarCity, which is based right here in our backyard of Silicon Valley, is one of the very well financed operations that is the first to start aggressively market this contract for home owners all over Bay Area and western states.  SunRun is another similar co. based in San Francisco.

Who really finances these deals?  Banks on Wallstreet of course.  And there’s serious money to be made… “Investors historically expect seven percent to eight percent, which includes the tax benefits and a slice of profit during the life of the fund,” wrote Green Tech Media about the amazing profits being squeezed out of the residential solar market. “Now they want ten percent or more.” 10 percent?!  It sure reinforces how much some of these schmucks really care environment or our dirty energy crisis.

So before you jump on the band wagon, let’s look at a bigger picture and examine this “best new thing after sliced bread” from all angles:


Easy access to solar without high initial costs.
With growing energy costs, this caps your electric bill for the next 15 years.
Reduced monthly payment than what you would pay PG&E.

15 year contract which is not easily transferrable if you decide to sell the house.  (According to Solar City: “If you sell your home before the end of the lease, you can transfer the lease to the new owners if they qualify with excellent credit, or you can prepay the lease and add it to your home asking price.”  That’s 700 and above FICO score.)
Not for everyone.  If your electric bill does not exceed $110 this program makes no sense financially.
You never own the solar panels.  In fact you will have to either return them after 15 years or purchase them from the solar company at the end of the lease.
Your payments are actually going to go up 3.9% every year.
You are not the one who gets the rebates for the purchase of solar panels.
You maybe going off of the PG&E’s grid but you’re sure are tied into Wall Street’s grid.
Many Home Owner’s Associations will not allow this.

Much more!~!


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