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Amazon Fire Phone
« on: June 19, 2014, 07:00:10 AM »
Amazon Fire Phone

SEATTLE -- Amazon has a phone. And it is called the Fire Phone.

A portal to Amazon's extensive services -- which range from online shopping and e-books to streaming music and video -- the Fire Phone is, at its heart, meant to do one thing and one things only: keep people renewing Amazon Prime's yearly subscription membership.

Although US-only for now, the new handset muscles its way into the already-crowded smartphone scene with a higher-than-expected spec sheet and a few innovations that beat other, more established smartphone-makers.
In the US, AT&T will offer the Fire Phone exclusively, for $199 with 32GB storage or $299 with 64GB storage, with a two-year contract. Unsubsidized prices in the US are $649 and $749, respectively, which converts to around £380/AU$690 and £440/AU$795. Amazon did not reveal when, or indeed if, the Fire Phone will go on sale outside the US, but the UK and Australia have in the past seen Kindle Fire tablets several months later.

It'll be available in the US July 25, though you can preorder the phone now. Prime customers won't get any special discounts, but at least you'll get more Prime: a free year is included with purchase, or added to your account if you already subscribe.

Looks impressive, but I think I'll pass.


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