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Author Topic: 8.2 Mag Quake Hits Fiji No Damage?  (Read 1513 times)

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8.2 Mag Quake Hits Fiji No Damage?
« on: August 20, 2018, 06:38:58 AM »
This is weird because we've all been taught that the earth crust averages 35 miles in depth at which point it hits the mantle which is around 100 degrees F.
In other words, it's molten rock, which wouldn't be able to create a quake, yet it did. Oh, I know there's a good explanation for this, but I just found it fascinating that a quake could be generated 347.7 miles under the crust. I guess the plates are a bit different around the Ring of Fire.

A massive quake of magnitude 8.2 struck in the Pacific Ocean close to Fiji and Tonga on Sunday but it was very deep and did not trigger a tsunami, the U.S. Geological Survey and U.S. Tsunami Warning Center said.
The tremor hit at 12:19 pm (local time) 361 kilometres (224 miles) east of the Pacific nation’s capital Suva, at a depth of 559 kilometres, the US seismologists said.

The Hawaii-based Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said there was “no tsunami threat because the earthquake is located too deep inside the Earth”.

The quake, and several aftershocks ranging up to magnitude 6.2, were felt as a rippling effect in the outer Lau islands group but residents in Suva, on the main island of Viti Levu, said they did not feel a thing.

The government’s Seismology Unit issued a statement saying the earthquake “does not pose any immediate threat to the Fiji region due to its deep depth”.

The quake occurred in the so-called Pacific Ring of Fire, a region of frequent seismic activity due to collisions between continental plates.
The quake was 347.7 miles (559.57 km) below the Earth which would have dampened the shaking at the surface.
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