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Author Topic: Windows 10 pros and conservatives. If you want it, here it is come and get it...  (Read 4300 times)

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This was also posted in the CPF "Science and Technology" section on an older thread about Windows 10. I am aware that many have been so disgusted with some of the difficulties of this version of Windows that they have shunned it. I fully understand and don't use it myself. However, there are actually some who are fans of the system, including a well-known radio-show host Leo Laporte whose show The Tech Guy is nationally syndicated. Russ is Right Minds forum owner/co-admin and is also one of our premier computer experts. He is battle-tested with micro computers/networks/software and has long years of experience making Satanic deals with the Beast from Redmond.

When I asked Russ about Windows 10 below is what he posted in response. He titled this post, "Change Is Sometimes Hard" :

 I am running Windows 10 on eight machines, when I count my daughter's and Ladyfriend's -- both of which are in my "technical support" fold.  Ladyfriend is currently traveling around semi-rural China with her Microsoft tablet running Win10. 

I have been running Win10 since it was first released in "Preview" mode (formerly Beta), and currently have three machines on "Insider Preview," which means I am getting system updates before they are ready for public release.  The only machines on which I am having any issues at all are those three, but the pioneers usually take the arrows.  The "automatic features" to which you refer are easily turned off.

I like the system.  It is tight, stable and quick.  I like its interface much better than Win7 or Win8.  It has one feature that will make it seem slow, and that is syncing with other machines on the network.  That makes for a slower boot, but that feature, too, is easily turned off.

You may infer that, if I didn't like it, I would not have put it on all of my computers.

If anyone has any questions about how to possibly ameliorate their own Win10 demons, Russ may be receptive to bribery or intimidation - although the former is more likely, since he lives on a very-isolated  rural property far from town, stocked with a formidable arsenal, first tier legal counsel, and a robust cadre of savage attack-dachshunds to police the perimeter. Or you could just stop by Right Minds, join up and post a politely-worded PM or open forum inquiry!!

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And also allows microsoft to make changes to your system without your forehand knowledge or approval.

Steals the bandwidth you pay your ISP provider for, by using your system to send person B their updates instead of using Microsoft's own servers.

And it's to-date been full of leaks which can allow a malicious attacker to access your system. Microsoft itself tells ya that.

Yeah, I really want that OS....note the sarcasm Kalash.
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There's a great scene I recall from Tomorrow Never Dies, the James Bond film where the multi-media mogul Elliott Carver and his chief tech henchman are talking about issuing new software that has built-in blunders needing corrections they can profit from later on.

Why is this so believable, when you look at how Microshaft coerces users into buying upgrades --- and its bloatware alone requires faster computers just to use it? There is not ONE of their programs which fails to be more complicated and tougher-to-use than its criminally-overpriced predecessor.


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