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Thank you for your kindness Solar and thank you for your good and helpful advice. I used to be very liberal until I graduated from high school and went straight to work and learn in the real world and became a right wing extremist lol.
Miscellaneous / Mexico asks U.N. for help with migrant caravan
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Mexico asks U.N. for help with migrant caravan

By Stephen Dinan

Mexico has asked the United Nations for assistance with the migrant caravan knocking on its border, saying international officials must help figure out who deserves asylum and who should be deported or refused entry.

Hundreds of Mexican police faced off Thursday across the Mexico-Guatemala border against the vanguard of the caravan, which has grown to some 4,000 people, mostly from Honduras. Some migrants reportedly made it to shelters in Mexico.

Mexican officials were desperately trying to block the migrants after President Trump threatened Thursday to cancel his proposed U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade deal as punishment for Mexico’s failure to patrol its southern border.

He said another option would be to deploy the U.S. military.

I'm fine with the President using the military to stop the invasion of illegals into this country.
The democrat agenda going into the 2018 election is based on impeaching Trump and Kavanaugh, raising taxes by ending the Trump tax cuts, open borders, and socialism. While that will play well with the loonie left, it will certainly not play well with the rest of Americans.
I read the transcript and thought  :thumbsup:

The democrats are going to crap their pants.
Yeah, not only are the dims losing, they're pretty messy about it. That's what happens when they're full of it.
 Not really any way for the dims to fight this either, just hope it goes away.
I read the transcript and thought  :thumbsup:

The democrats are going to crap their pants.
WOW....listen to this political ad. It hits the democrats in real time. Here's the kicker...this ad is coming from...drum roll, please....Black Americans for the President’s Agenda PAC

This radio ad supporting Rep. French Hill in the black community is…HOLY CRAP!

This radio ad supporting Congressman French Hill from Arkansas on radio stations in the black community is…off the hook. I’m not even sure what to say. You’ve just got to hear it:

READ or better yet LISTEN here...
Salmonella outbreak linked to raw chicken sickens 92 in 29 states

By Alexandria Hein

An outbreak drug-resistant salmonella linked to raw chicken products has sickened 92 people across 29 states, resulting in 21 hospitalizations. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which is investigating the outbreak, victims have reported eating different types and brands of chicken products, purchased from varying locations.

Here we go again.
Texas Democrats Ask Non-Citizens To Register To Vote, Pre-Checked Citizenship Box On Applications, Report Says


The Texas Democratic Party reportedly asked non-citizens to register to vote and sent applications to immigrants that pre-checked the citizenship box as "yes," according to complaints filed on Thursday.

"The Public Interest Legal Foundation [PILF] alerted district attorneys and the federal Justice Department to the pre-checked applications, and also included a signed affidavit from a man who said some of his relatives, who aren’t citizens, received the mailing," The Washington Times reported. "The Texas secretary of state’s office said it, too, had gotten complaints both from immigrants and from relatives of dead people who said they got mailings asking them to register."

Typical democrat tactic.
Political Discussion and Debate / American socialism, 2018
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American socialism, 2018
By Michael N. Mattia
The 60-year experiment in the progressive government-run educational system in this country has cheated and defrauded not only those it purports to educate, but also the taxpayers who funded this sham.  It is apparent that no longer are American history, values, and civics taught.  Rather in their place, the students at all levels of the educational system are being and have been indoctrinated with the communist/socialist/progressive philosophy of hatred of capitalism, envy and jealousy of the successful, denial of individual responsibility and the belief that government can solve all of life’s problems.

Let us not forget that the German movement headed by Adolf Hitler was called the National Socialists (Nazis).  How reminiscent that the Antifa and Democrat supported rioters of today are dressed in black, many with face masks, like the blackshirts of Nazi Germany.  The only thing lacking are the logo armbands with the appropriate symbol.
The only solution to the problems they will cause is to somehow raise the awareness of conservatives and other true patriots at every corner of the country and convince them to get out and vote in November in massive numbers.  Defeating the socialist Democrats at the ballot box before they retake power is really the only hope for the country.

Let the red wave drown these socialists. VOTE in 2018

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