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Political Discussion and Debate / Re: Our Secret Weapon
« Last post by kroz on Today at 07:03:27 AM »
may be New Mexico Governor, Susana Martinez...  who's delivered a lightning-swift response to the two church-bombings yesterday...

At the moment, the impression of the blasts by the media is being treated as 'minor'.  To me it means: lucky no-one was standing in their proximity.  Which I think is how Governor Martinez is approaching it.

I think she'll make a formidable VP-candidate.  But probably not for Cruz.  -Two Southwesterners won't mix easily.  But for Paul, Walker, or Trump, I think she'd be a very good choice.

Martinez has her strengths but also her weaknesses.  She was VERY slow leaving the democratic party......  :confused:
Woops.  I thought this thread was going to be about Hussein.

Carry on.

Had me going as well.

Financial / Re: I Blew My $90K Trust Fund, It's My Parents Fault
« Last post by cubedemon on Today at 06:56:22 AM »

Why is it you fail to see a lack of govt intrusion in the work place, or entrepreneurial investments as a good thing?

This is totally from left field.   Where did this come from?   Why was govt brought up?   

If you want to know my opinion, I will tell you.   I think the idea of the nation state is a failure especially with the idea that one can have unlimited growth especially in a world of limits.  If one looks in the past at past empires like the Roman Empire the British Empire, the old Soviet Union and others what happened is that they reached their limit and the point of diminishing returns.      They become unmanageable by their respective governments.   Eventually, more than likely, the USA will reach that limit as well.  My opinion is that small is beautiful and if our rights are to be safe guarded they would be best safe guarded in smaller areas like villages, towns or cities and not nation states.    Not only is a nation state becomes more unmanageable economically as it grows it becomes more unmanageable to contain the growth and intrusion of government that accompanies the expansion of territory. 

It would appear you are an advocate for govt intrusion in the private sector.

Never said that!

Again, the unique thing about America is the unbridled ability for all to succeed, no single individual is afforded special rights when pursuing their dream in the private sector.

This is an extraordinary claim to make.  Do you have the extraordinary evidence to back this up?   Like I said, if someone says all Swans are white and one finds a Swan that is not white then one has refuted the claim that all swans are white.   

Let's look for some black swans.

a.  You would have to demonstrate how coma patients could satisfy your claim.  How can they make a life for themselves and how do they have the unbridled ability to succeed?

b.  I know of someone who has both cerebral palsy and extreme low functioning autism.   He is non-verbal and for the most part all he does is rocks back and forth all day.   He can only walk a few feet.   How can he make a life for himself and how does he have the unbridled ability to succeed?

The point is that you should be able to examine any scenario and show how your claim holds up.  In other words, you should be able to show how a black Swan is actually a white Swan.  If these two clear cut examples exist then why couldn't other possible examples exist as well that may possible be a black swan?

As an employer, I can refuse to employ you for a myriad of reasons, and for tghe same reason, you as an emploiyer are afforded the right to hire anyone you choose.

That is most certainly true.   As an employer who are you more likely to hire?   What are the characteristics of that person?  What standards would you have?   I'm talking about the minimalist ones that would fit all of your hires.  It is true that one would need different requirements for different jobs. 

Based upon what I've written here

I was just thinking about this and I this criteria would be great for me in a job.

a.   Like my psychiatrist says, the tasks have to be concrete.

b.   Since I am a very concrete thinker, any job can't be ones that require inference of things that are vague or open to my interpretation.

c.  Any rule that is changed has to be told to me in a direct manner.

d.   The job would have to have a base routine and can't just change with the wind.  Corollary, if there is any change then I need to be told directly and when this change will be.

e.  I need to know when things are due.   Don't ask me when I will have them done because I have no idea as to how to give that information as there are many variables that can fudge this up.   If you tell me when things are due I can tell you  if I can do it by that time or not since I'm mulling through the details of what I need to do.   If there is an issue then I can state why I am unable to get it by that date and tell you the date that I can get it by.

f.   I need to know what I'm authorized to do when at the facility and where I can walk to or ride to.

g.  I need to know what I'm required to do as in my list of duties for each day for my job.  If it is required, then please state in direct terms that it is required.  Don't make it sound like it is optional. 

h.  I need to know what is not required.   Example,If there is a company picnic, is my attendance required?

i.  I need to know what I'm not authorized to do.  Let's say somehow I become a janitor.   Are there areas I'm not allowed to clean and rooms I'm not supposed to go into.   

j.   Any communication sent to me, please send it by email and tell me the facts only.

k.  If I do something wrong or inappropriate like being rude, then I need examples of when I was rude, how I was rude and what I need to do to correct myself.   Same thing with taking initiative. If someone says or the boss says I lack initiative, I need to know specific examples of how I didn't and what steps and measures I need to take to display initiative. 

What do you guys think?  Am I asking for too much?  If yes, is there anything I can (techniques) do for myself to lessen these needs for myself and attempt to adapt on other people's terms?

Would you hire me yourself especially if you as an employer would have to provide these accommodations to me especially if you could hire others who wouldn't need them and who would be less cost in terms of both time and money?   

Are you saying we need govt to step in and make mandatory that the private sector adhere to PC rules on hiring, that despite impairment, private business should be forced to hire handicapped?

Never said that!  I never said or made the claim that the government can or should get involved.  Honestly, we already have the disabilities act anyway.  It has not helped one iota.   All employers have to make their processes fit the law.  Doesn't mean it will benefit those whom it was supposed to benefit.  That's not the point.  All I'm doing is disputing the claim that everyone and anyone can make their own life no matter what their circumstances.   That is easily demonstrated by at least the black swans I have shown.  You have to demonstrate how all non-white swans can become white swans. 

Quite honestly, the disability act has the opposite effect in my opinion.   It has made those with disabilities more of a liability because employers have to be even more careful so they can avoid costly lawsuits.  Government involvement at least in this case has done us no good.

Blind taxi drivers have rights too, right? :rolleyes:

Never said that blind taxi drives should be able to drive.   You've made some strawman arguments it seems like.

So regardless of impairment, you have a level playing field where employment is concerned.

How is that so?
Why don't you come out and admit it? You're a lib at heart.

What I am at heart is irrelevant to the actual claim that you make. 
I love Russians.  They are the best, like, when they have the Olympics, they give their pillows to the hotels.  Such a great society.
And when they build a gulag, they bring jobs to places like the Ukraine. Gee, aren't these Ivans just terribly misunderstood?  :rolleyes:
Political Discussion and Debate / Re: Ted Cruz Thread
« Last post by kroz on Today at 06:54:06 AM »


Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was the first major presidential candidate to show up to the 2016 party. Now, he’s trying to beat a field of 16 other Republicans in the race for the top job. Get to know your candidate here. Note: ALL candidates have been offered the chance to Guest Skimm. Opinions are of the candidate, not theSkimm. To Skimm other candidates go here.

Houston [Texas]. I was born in Calgary, Canada.

I grew up playing all sorts of video games, but now I mostly play them on my iPhone, which drives [my wife] Heidi crazy. Both Caroline and Catherine, my girls, love to play Plants vs. Zombies on the iPhone.

My wife Heidi. She is my best friend in the entire world. She is beautiful, brilliant, and an amazing businesswoman. And, a phenomenal mom to our two little girls. Everything we do, we do together.

That I do what I say I will do. All of us are frustrated out of our minds, that career politicians in Washington in both parties, Democrats and Republicans, make promises on the campaign trail that they don’t follow through. And, indeed, I’ve referred many times to what I call “the Washington Cartel” — which is career politicians in both parties getting in bed with lobbyists with special interests. And it seems, no matter which party is in power, the government grows and grows, our debt grows and grows, and our liberties continually recede. And, I believe working men and women across this country are fed up, and are looking for leaders who will honor their promises. And that’s what I’ve done every day I’ve been in office.

Being willing to take on the Washington Cartel. Necessarily, it takes withering attacks coming back at you. You take on the Washington Cartel, Democrats attack you, Republicans attack you, the media attacks you. Being subject to those withering attacks is not without its challenges.


That’s a hard request for someone who talked for 21 hours in Congress.


My top priority in all of this has been restoring economic growth, bringing back jobs, growth, and opportunity. For six and a half years, we have been trapped in economic stagnation, and that is a direct result of out of control spending at the cost of the nation. We can get back to booming growth, and the keys to doing so are tax reform and regulatory reform. Tax reform: adopting a simple flat tax, where every American can fill out his or her taxes on a post card. And regulatory reform: stopping the crushing regulations that are strangling small businesses, that are making it harder and harder to create jobs. And the most important regulatory reform is repealing every word of Obamacare, which is just the biggest job killer in this country.

I understand this first-hand….when I came out of college and grad school, I had six-figures in student loans. I just paid off my student loans five or six years ago. Economic growth is critical to young people because if we want this generation to be able to pay off their loans and develop the skills to live the American dream, we’ve got to return to an environment where small businesses are growing and flourishing, and creating jobs and opportunities. That’s my top priority.

I believe that government policy should follow the evidence and the data….When it comes to global warming, far too much of the debate in Washington is centered around politics rather than the data and the evidence. If you look to the satellite data, it demonstrates that over the past 17 years, there has been no meaningful recorded warming whatsoever. And yet, politicians in Washington are disregarding the evidence and the facts because it is in their political interest to expand government control over the economy. And, to drive up costs for hard-working families across this country.

We cannot win a war on radical Islamist terrorists with a president and administration unwilling to utter the words “radical Islamic terrorists”….Right now, the Obama administration refuses to acknowledge what it is we’re fighting. And, our policy has been utterly ineffective. Just a few months ago, President Obama dismissed ISIS as, to quote, “Junior Varsity.” It turned out his assessment was profoundly wrong. Radical Islamic terrorism is on the rise….And yet the administration persists in what is essentially a photo-op foreign policy — drop a bomb here, a missile there. We need a commander-in-chief who resolves to do what is necessary to keep Americans safe from radical Islamic terrorists who have declared war on America.

I’ve just spent virtually my entire life fighting to defend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights exclusively protects the Second Amendment right to bear arms. The right of law by the citizens to protect their homes, to protect their families. I have also spent much of my adult life in law enforcement. I believe we should go after violent criminals and come down on them like a ton of bricks.

I believe that women have the right to choose in every aspect of their lives. To choose how to work, how to live, how to achieve the American dream. Now, I also support the right to life of every unborn child. Every girl and boy. And I believe that we should work towards a culture that protects every human life from the moment of conception until the time of natural death.

It may be that you and I disagree on the policy of marriage. I support traditional marriage as the union between one man and one woman. But under the Constitution, if you disagree with that proposition, there is an avenue for you to advance your policy. Namely, you can try to convince your fellow citizens to change the marriage laws of your states. From the beginning of this country, marriage has always been a question for the states. Now it may well be that the men and women of some states (New York and California) might make one policy decision, and the men and women of other states (like Texas or Florida) make a different policy decision. That’s the way our Constitution is supposed to work. Unfortunately, five judges on the Supreme Court decided they didn’t care what 320 million Americans thought about the laws that should govern them. That they were going to impose their own extreme policy instead that was contrary to Constitution and fundamentally undermined the rule of law in this country.

I had joked that one of the things I would very quickly do is make preparations to have a Christmas Eve pig roast on the south lawn of the White House. The Cuban tradition is to roast a pig for Christmas Eve, and I look forward to doing that.

Typically twice. It is a bad habit I have had my whole life….when I was in college, my college roommates super glued the snooze button down so that I couldn’t hit snooze again.

With lots of cream, and being Cuban, we often prefer café con leche.

MSM Distraction News / Re: Do Black lives really matter?
« Last post by kroz on Today at 06:44:23 AM »
Nope. A flat tax is still based on income, where you pay a flat fed to the Fed, while a Fairtax is collected by the State, based on your purchases. Food is not taxed under Fairtax, neither is the purchase of used items
Poor people would benefit the ,ost under a Fairtax, while the rich, buying luxury items get nailed.

Under a Flattax system, your income is taxed, regardless. That in reality is unconstitutional.

Ah-so, it is a consumption tax!  VAT

That definitely has its pros and cons. 

Are there exemptions..... such as groceries?
MSM Distraction News / Re: Do Black lives really matter?
« Last post by Solar on Today at 06:26:10 AM »
That makes it totally relevant to who is in power!  It would be inconsistent.

A flat tax is totally consistent..... and reliable.

I realize there are pros and cons on both sides of this debate.

Nope. A flat tax is still based on income, where you pay a flat fed to the Fed, while a Fairtax is collected by the State, based on your purchases. Food is not taxed under Fairtax, neither is the purchase of used items
Poor people would benefit the ,ost under a Fairtax, while the rich, buying luxury items get nailed.

Under a Flattax system, your income is taxed, regardless. That in reality is unconstitutional.
Political Discussion and Debate / Re: Sarah Palin, about Donald Trump
« Last post by Solar on Today at 06:19:33 AM »
Absolutely!!  No personal integrity.  That means he could change again on a dime..... totally unreliable!

"Character" matters!!
That's why I can't stand the guy, he's like a windsock where values are concerned.
Financial / Re: I Blew My $90K Trust Fund, It's My Parents Fault
« Last post by Solar on Today at 06:18:00 AM »

I looked up the definition of winner and the horse racing example is definitely poor.   When I am talking about winner I’m talking more about the informal definition which says “A thing that is a success or is likely to be successful.”   I’m going to take away the absoluteness of winning and stick with the definition of a thing that is likely to be successful.”   
Now, I need to define what success and successful in the context we’re talking.  Success and being successful means that one is able to a) make a life for oneself and sustain oneself; b) one is able to improve oneself as he goes.

Now each person has a set of attributes that make up but not limited to the way they think, their health (mental and physical) and their personality.    These attributes have to be able to line up, mesh up and conform to whatever is in that particular external environment.    Assuming the USA is not uniform and has different sub cultures and different external environments one would have to present a particular external environment in which the vast majority of those with particular characteristics are able to conform to one or more external environmental conditions that exist currently. 

If one can do that than one has demonstrated and presented that success is highly possible for those with particular characteristics and this includes other aspects as well.  For example, it isn’t just being able to do a job but being able to obtain the job and keep it in the social setting that exists.  If one can’t find an external environment in which the vast majority of those with particular characteristics are able to succeed then the argument that anyone and everyone can make a life for themselves no matter who they are doesn’t hold up.

It's all relative. Ask a poor man what success is, and he may tell you it's getting a bath that week, or a better fitting pair of used shoes.
Ask a man suffering from cancer, and to him, just keeping a meal down, or getting 10 minutes of reprieve from pain is success/winning.

You on the other hand are whining, you fail to recognize what you already have, your pessimism will always be your barrier to winning.
In comparison to the cancer sufferer or poor man, to them you are the winner, in your world, while all you see is a victim/loser.

You see success as an ultimate end game winner, it is not, for you're incapable of recognizing success.
Success is a conglomeration of small daily achievements, from just staying alive, to enjoying the complex simplicity of the flower and it's very existence.
You are an answer in search of a question.

Try looking at daily accomplishments instead of an end goal.
Why not just give Mexifornia back to Mexico?
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