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MSM Distraction News / Spiking The Story
« Last post by Taxcutter on Today at 06:45:59 AM »
The big three network news organizations have tuned out the mid-term elections.

Over a seven-week period they have run just 25 stories on the polls.   By contrast in 2006, when the polls were running against the GOP they ran six times as many stories about the mid-terms.

ABC News is most egregious.   They didn’t run a single story in that period.

Big media spiking a story just as the spiking of the Monica story has been in the news lately.

They wonder where their credibility went.

ABC New, CBS News, NBC News.   American Pravda.
I can't understand how some can still be in this "RINOs are lesser of two evils" mentality.  It's the government versus the people, so McConnell is more the enemy than Grimes; he actually has turned coat and inflicted major damage.  McConnell is too far gone and too entrenched.  Time to yank that leech out by his Marxist sucker and flush him down the toilet where he belongs.
And that's just it, Grimes may be a big lib, but he's not in a position of power to do Conservatives any damage, unlike Mitch a total traitor to the base, one that called the base of the party the enemy, something even Grimes hasn't done.

To me, it's like having a thief and a murderer in your home and one across the street, having the option in Nov to completely remove one from your home.
Sure, there Will still be a thief and murderer on the block, but at least he won't be able to effect your House any longer.
Harper has now labeled it an act of terror.
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Ohh the glaring difference between a leader that loves his country and ours, a Muscum commie that wants to see it destroyed.
Political Discussion and Debate / Re: The End
« Last post by Solar on Today at 06:26:34 AM »
In 2012, a number of polling companies, including Gallup and Rasmussen, got the results very wrong.
One other point to consider in their polling, is you can't canvas fraud, there is no way to account for it, especially when the communist entity enters the picture for the very first time, and that entity being ACORN.
The other point is, Hussein was running in a national election, so ACORN could focus on one entity in every state.

This is one of the reasons for the glaring disparities in the mid term elections over the National, ACORN was spread way to thin, too many individual elections, all with differing issues during mid terms.
And what was the outcome by comparison between these two elections in the past? The Marxists blatantly stole the national election.

But how will they equate in Nov?
They won't, because ACORN isn't established in that manner, they simply haven't the ability to effect that many elections, as opposed to when they could bring in dramatically more voters than existed in a given county for Hussein.

Point is, Gallup and Rasmussen weren't wrong, you can't adjust for blatant fraud, only historical fraud, and the fraud that took place iin support of Hussein had never been seen before.

With all that said, watch for a voter turnout come Nov equaling the highest we've seen in the history of the nation, and all because people are sick of seeing their country/culture destroyed by Communists.
It's for that reason 2010 was such a shock to both party's, and the very reason both party's are in a panic this mid term.
Their very existence hangs on the outcome.

With this understanding in mind, why sacrifice your vote in support of the Establishment when you can vote TEA.....
Political Discussion and Debate / Re: The End
« Last post by dashvinny on Today at 06:21:36 AM »
If the AP poll showing women now favoring the GOP is right then the polls showing tight races are clearly wrong.
And in Ohio it's called Cincinnati. :)

Sorry for some reason I neglected to explain why I say that.

I say that because in Ohio, there is a small city to Cincinnati's immediate north which if Cincinnati had it's way would be part of Cincinnati, that has actually been called "little Chicago" for decades now in it's past history, because precisely many of the same illegal, immoral, lawless acts "big Chicago's" politicians engaged in, were also engaged in by that city's political establishment.

In fact, it was a city, which Al Capone the notorious gangster of the roaring twenties actually frequented, when things would get a little to "hot" for him in Chicago, or when he needed an alibi for certain things.

It's a city he would visit and stay in and it wasn't because of the weather, either.

It was a city he'd frequent, because he found it to be a city which was quote "the most like home" to him.

It was a city which he found had political bosses, (a fact of history now) who still to this day exist, who were as corrupt as those capone had dealings with and had on "the take" in "Big Chicago".
Political Discussion and Debate / Re: AZ ballot box stuffing on tape
« Last post by daidalos on Today at 06:06:58 AM »
The answer is really quite simple.

So much so that it's stunning it's not being done, or hasn't been done already.

Simply find out who this person is, find out if they showed up at other poll locations with mass votes in hand, find out if they did in fact commit voter fraud and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law, or if such an investigations finds this "guy" did nothing wrong or illegal exonerate them publicly of any wrong doing.

IF we can track down the blue dress, IF we can using video, track down someone throwing a molotov cocktail in Ferguson, we damned sure can find out who this "guy" is, track them down, and find out what if anything they have done illegally.

Just from the video alone there is all kinds of things to be found out and seen.

See while a ballot does not carry the name of the person casting the ballot.

It does carry a ballot number. Those ballot numbers correspond to an individual, and are infact kept on the rolls by the board of elections.

Once that's pulled from the images in the video, we can then not only start investigating whether those individuals assigned that ballot number actually did fill out and cast their vote or not.

But we can also then, go and almost assuredly pull more information from those ballots.

Such as fingerprints.

His fingerprints ("guy in the video" left them on those ballots since he wore no gloves of any kind)

And then from there, we can hopefully find out exactly who "guy" is, and what "guy" was doing.

Then once we have identified and found out who "guy" is.

We apply certain kinds of pressure on "guy" to get him to tell us if he was a plant in a contrived attempt to portray this or that party as committing voter fraud, as some suggest? Or was he a National socialist operative up to no good?

Now I don't mean torture either when I say pressure. By "pressure" I mean apply certain, of the usual tactics detectives use everyday in this nation when investigating criminal activity.

Hell the media attention alone, is going to make "guy" come clean if he is in reality, a "plant".

Although to be bluntly honest, given what I've personally experienced the past few month's, I personally have to wonder if those who suggest he's a "plant", aren't really who are the "plants", liberal national socialist (err I mean dim o crap plants) attempting to deflect attention away from the shenanigans pulled by these liberals who we now know for a fact, have in past elections committed voter fraud when they couldn't win elections and the vote based upon their platforms and ideology.

Especially given, that we can also see, here, now, today.

Certain liberals, doing some of the very same sorts of things, exhibiting some of the very same, let us say "behavior" as seen and known now, in the history of another Republic, which fell, and threw the world into a war.

For example take the New Black Panthers and their voter intimidation tactics we all saw caught on film. The very same sort of thing went on in that republic too, when it fell to the national socialists of that day there. :)

MSM Distraction News / Re: 2016 - Who If Not Hillary?
« Last post by daidalos on Today at 05:41:59 AM »

Anyone that's not a democrat party candidate, or in other words, anyone who is not a national socialist.

Anyone who will uphold and abide by our Constitution, our laws, and moral decency. Which are all qualities Hillary, like her pal Obama lack.

Next question?
Political Discussion and Debate / Re: Vote Fraud -- The 2014 Edition
« Last post by daidalos on Today at 05:39:42 AM »
This isn't the only story of voter fraud and I would almost guarantee you that this is not an isolated case and will be happening throughout the country...perhaps this is how the Democrats will retain the Senate with a "surprise" take over of the House as well.  Who really knows if this is happened in the past and how often.  Perhaps there is a possibility that this is how Romney lost to B.O.

Then we have the whole issue of absentee voting.  With an absentee ballot, all you have to do is request a ballot and fill out the form and send back.  You don't have to worry about showing ID.  I wonder how many ballots one individual can actually request or fill out as we were sent requests for people who no longer live at our address (silly me didn't think anything about it till now).  I'm wondering now what the benefit is for Democrats to vote early.  In our area (predominantly strong Republican) it has been reported that due to long lines in the past, they predict that early voting ballots will out number actual voters going to the polls.

I have very little faith in our electoral system anymore.

A but there is reason and room for hope, or faith if you will.

Precisely because of something you yourself said.

"OUR electoral system".

And you are right it is OUR electoral system, if we as a people decide to stamp out voter fraud, through things such as voter I.D. requirements, or extensive, absolute, vigorous prosecution of those who attempt to commit, or actually do commit voter fraud.

Precisely because it is OUR ELECTORAL SYSTEM the people of the several states which make up the United States still even at this late date, CAN turn things around, so that America is once again a nation of rule by law, and not fiat, not political party, not tyranny. We still CAN turn thins around, so that America is once again a strong republic, and a republic where the right of a citizen, to cast one's vote as they themselves and only they themselves is a sacrosanct, and inviolable right.

As at one time this nation was.

You know as I sit here, reading and answering you SuzziY, I remember the first time I ever voted. I was 18, had no idea how to fill out a ballot, no idea how to lit operate the voting booth machinery, (old hanging chad type ballots were what we had back then) and I remember asking my dad to help me.

I remember how he was quickly stopped by the poll workers, and I remember how we were both told that even though he was my father, the law forbade anyone, anyone at all, from entering that voting booth with me, once I had my ballot in my hand and have gone into that booth. How no one, is allowed to know how I've cast my vote, until that ballot is counted.

And yet ironically now, today, every time we vote (using electronic voting) not only is someone else in the booth with us, that person/persons, may indeed very well  decide how that ballot is cast, may very well cast the vote for you too.

When just thirty years ago, it was illegal for a parent to even enter the booth with their child who is asking them "how the frack do I use this thing"?

Why can you not believe it?  At this point, I'd believe anything.

So, let's see what is done about it.  I say NOTHING.

DaisyJane     :huh:

I was being sarcastic. :lol:
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