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I swear Trump does this intentionally to torture the Dems and the leftists,

they are going to be going spastic especially since this latest insanity they were all getting behind some BS story in BUZZFEED about Cohen being directed by Trump to lie to congress....which was just refuted By Meuller
Mark Levin is claiming success for forcing this statement from Mueller due to Levin demanding the Justice Department force Mueller and his team to submit to a polygraph as they were the only possible origin of the Buzzfeed reports.

I do believe Levin is why they had to issue the statement, as it was just 30-minutes after his demands that Mueller issued the statement.
That is what I expect he will do. Dims are not budging, and their optics are deteriorating, but as usual, they are oblivious to that. Unfortunately, if he does the EO and acts, Dims  and media will excoriate him. But that is nothing new.
I have a question about the State of the Union. President Trump can call for a Joint Session of Congress.....?

This will bypass Piglosi and Mitch and be held in the House Chamber where the State of the Union is always held.

Am I wrong on this or is this an option for Trump....?
There is no rule that states he has to hold it in Congress, only that he, on occasion address Congress of the state of the union.
In today's world, that address could come from anywhere in the world, like say, "The Border"?  :biggrin:

Post of the day!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office on Friday disputed a news report claiming President Trump directed Michael Cohen to lie about the timing of discussions over a proposed Trump Tower project in Moscow.

This is a developing story. Please check back for updates.
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SHOCK: The Gillette toxic masculinity video created by feminist ad executives

Not having learned the lesson of companies wading into the waters of politically correct activism and suffering commercially as a result (aka Dick’s Sporting Goods, The NFL, Target, ESPN, etc.) the razor maker Gillette inserted itself into the public discourse this week.

To date their video has been viewed 20 million times on YouTube, and has received twice as many negative votes as positive. This follows the trend on social media and elsewhere of many suggesting the company fell prey to feminist dogma. Well that has become revealed to be more than true.

Little Black Book
 .@Gillette takes aim at toxic masculinity in bold, brilliant campaign by @GreyNewYork and Somesuch's Kim Gehrig.

12:30 AM - Jan 15, 2019
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The razor brand, in an effort to appeal to its voluminous male customer base, turned its advertising over to a female director named Kim Gehrig, and an ad agency with a resume of feminist commercial spots.

The first tip-off was a clip appearance of Ana Kasparian, from the Young Turks, giving commentary on sexual harassment. This was followed by imagery meant to lecture men on proper social behavior. little mystery why men may take a negative reaction from being called overtly violent and sexist.

Well, this dissipates any lingering mystery. If the lecturing commercial spot felt like a scornful feminist lecture, it is due to the fact that the company turned the reins over to a group of feminist executives. And this was not by accident.

According to The Daily Mail, the British ad executives were selected after Proctor & Gamble (parent company of Gillette) commissioned Gehrig through a non-profit outfit called Free The Bid, which assists in getting work for female, and non-white, commercial directors. So almost a version of advertising affirmative action.

Meanwhile, as the company seeks to upset its core customer base, they have also unintentionally drawn fire from the female audience. The backlash has included women regarding the razors for women being insulting not only because of the colors, but also the pricing.

It seems Gillette prices the women’s line higher than their standard razors of comparable design.

Is this is it, will he announce his EO to build the Wall?

Donald J. Trump
I will be making a major announcement concerning the Humanitarian Crisis on our Southern Border, and the Shutdown, tomorrow afternoon at 3 P.M., live from the @WhiteHouse.

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