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We all knew this was happening, we just needed evidence.
With that said, I have no doubt had we elected the Establishments choice of a Jeb Bush, Chrusty, Rubio etc. leftist RINO, the gop'E would have shoved this under the table and no one would be investigated.
So Sessions Has been working behind the scenes!? :lol:

BREAKING: Imran Awan arrested at Dulles and charged with bank fraud

The investigation goes far beyond the theft of millions of dollars. The employees could read all emails dozens of members of Congress sent and received, as well as access any files members and their staff stored. Court records show the brothers ran a side business that owed $100,000 to an Iranian fugitive who has been tied to Hezbollah, and their stepmother says they often send money to Pakistan.

Imran Awan has worked for Wasserman Schultz since 2005, the year she became the congressional representative from Florida’s 23rd district.

Imran Awan and three relatives were colleagues until police banned them from computer networks at the House of Representatives after suspicion the brothers accessed congressional computers without permission.

Five Capitol Hill technology aides told The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group that members of Congress have displayed an inexplicable and intense loyalty towards the suspects who police say victimized them. The baffled aides wonder if the suspects are blackmailing representatives based on the contents of their emails and files, to which they had full access.

 The Awans “had [members] in their pocket,” and “there are a lot of members who could go down over this.”
(All Democrats of course!

The Awans collected $4 million from congressional offices.

Just "Some" of the Democrats who had Pakistani IT workers (currently under investigation) on their payroll:
(Scroll to the bottom of the linked page below for the complete list)

House IT Workers Fear Members Are Being Black | The Daily Caller
Comeon, Walt, all those decades of wisdom locked up between those ears, and you're stuck on Donald Trump doesn't know who HE is...??

As Quiller would quip, drop the Decaf, 'cause you're making this too easy.

Waldo's turning into the summer's fun sport.
Religion Forum / Re: Is the state of Israel true Israel?
« Last post by Hoofer on Today at 01:38:19 PM »
Although for me, as a Christian, Israel and Jerusalem have different meaning, it is obvious that, for a Jew, Israel must be a Jewish theocratic state, and not a secular one. Because, being Jewish is a belief and not ethnicity. Is modern Israel anti-Jewish, and is it destined to be destroyed for its secularism?

A few minor points, just minor...
God chose Abram, not Abram chose God.   Abram is also a grand example of great faith and ZERO faith - read Genesis, one moment he was a hero, the next lying about Sarah.

Abraham was called "the friend of God"  Esau & Jacob were the father of two nations, not Abraham, or Issac.  That's simple genealogy, which God actually told Jacob, and later renamed him "Israel", where we got the nation from.  Not a theological thing, it's simple genealogy.

At this dispensation in time, I would *expect* to hear devout Jews lamenting over the lack of faith in "Israel" or by "genetically traceable Jews" - God isn't dealing with Israel or Jews as a "nation" like He did before the Advent of Jesus.  That'll all be reversed immediately following the Rapture of the Church.  In this age, God is calling *individuals*, gentiles, the ones grafted into the olive tree, of which He is the root.

I believe his description of "cutting off" is correct, referring to the incident of Moses descending Mt Sinai, finding those who "Ate and rose up to play" (immorality, idolatry, etc), the earth opened up and they were quite literally "cut off" from the nation of Israel.  I agree with him, and curiously, Jesus also descended to the hell, preached and led captivity captive' - which is commonly thought to be that same group of individuals Moses condemned.   ...however, this is an assumption, neither we, nor he knows with certainty, just speculation - because ALL judgement is given over to Jesus the Messiah, and that has not taken place, yet.

Here is a really sticky area, who is and who is not, BASED ON THEIR WORKS.   From the dispensation before the advent of Jesus Messiah, many have postulated salvation was by keeping the Law.  J. Vernon McGee I believe... and since Pentecost, salvation was entirely by God's Grace, including the faith to believe, Eph 2:8-10.   Two different dispensations, with the life & ministry of Jesus the transition point, ie, Old and New Testament.  really trying not to get too deep 

But, the covenant with Abram, the smoking furnace, was "ratified" by God alone, since Abram could not fulfill it.  Paul mentions that again in Romans 4.  Salvation is by faith, which all Abram could muster was staring up into a starry night, "count the stars, so shall your descendants be.." - Abram believed God could "do it" and God "saved Abram", or "counted as righteous" - sounds pretty lame, well, yeah, it is, but that's how FAR mankind is naturally from God.  Remember, Ephesians 2:8-9 says "faith is a gift from God" - yeah, we're *really* bad, far from God.

Back to Jesus' ministry, and specifically his Mark 2:22 statement, which defines old & new.
“And no man putteth new wine into old bottles: else the new wine doth burst the bottles, and the wine is spilled, and the bottles will be marred: but new wine must be put into new bottles.”
The old economy, ways of Israel (at this time) are incompatible with what is coming, the Bride of Christ, or Church.  Sure, there are friends of the Bride, John the Baptizer, but they are not the Church.

The gentleman then discusses the secular state vs "true Judaism" - and forgets Abram was called as a SECULAR out of his own country, and spent DECADES in the promised land before God made him any promises.   I see a really neat similarity, the author missed, that God is calling Israel back as a secular nation, first, before He deals with them as a nation again.  Another problem, implying you better be careful calling "Israel" as "Israel" because it somehow demeans or diminishes the "true Jew" is idolatrous and false... sorry!  Just as the Sabbath was NOT made for God, but for man, we fallen men's natural tendencies are to compare "us" with "them", and become twice as worse.   Even the High Priest (an unbeliever) said, "It is better that one man die, than the whole nation perish" speaking of Jesus' death.   I sense there is a bit of Pharisaical jealousy here, which is in greater danger of prejudging before the outcome is even known & God's plan is being played out.  There IS a plan, a purpose & calling ... the question is, "what are you busy doing?"  No, I'll not become a Jew, because I already found the Jewish Messiah.

The state of Israel is in limbo, (read Daniel)   He is absolutely right about Abram and Israel being a light for God to the nations, which task was TAKEN AWAY from Israel and given to the Christian Church - and when the Church is rapture, will be GIVEN BACK to Israel.  Here's the rub, without the Holy Spirit supporting what you're doing, it's an utter waste of time.  I personally know of a missionary who went to Australia, wasn't there a year, and soon realized - he wasn't suppose to be there, but somewhere else... Kangaroo fever, Koala walla, we call it "out of the will of God".

I'd say to the guy, if you want to be active in God's work, become a Christian Jew.  If he reads this after the rapture of the church, then maybe he's part of the 144,000 evangelists, who knows?   But, those gray areas where you have no judgment other than who you let into a Synagogue...  eeeehhhh, I'd rather just keep my yapper shut, and stick to the original plan, being a light unto the world.  I do like the guy, he's knowledgeable, and seems to have things in context - a rarity in this age.   If he has ever read the New Testament, Hebrews is right up his alley, a wonderful comparison of the "Old" and the "New"... it is time to move on, lest it slip away and you fall back.

To the last question: Is modern Israel anti-Jewish, and is it destined to be destroyed for its secularism?"
It does not matter that the territory of modern Israel is "whatever".   Read and understand the Prophecy of "weeks" - at this stage, Israel is ATHEIST, just as the prophecy says.  There is a great reconciling to God coming, when they will look onto Jesus as an only Son.  Expecting a "revival" or great turning back to God without the Spirit of God ... nope, it has never happened.

Here's a question for you:  Why did the Apostle John, author of a Gospel account, 3 letters and the Revelation - keep referring to himself as the 'one whom Jesus loved?"
Political Discussion and Debate / Health Insurance Debate
« Last post by supsalemgr on Today at 12:10:38 PM »
The senate just voted to begin debate on a GOP health insurance bill. The GOP had 50 votes with Pence breaking the tie. The two GOP senators who voted 'no" were Murkowski and Collins. I understand Paul went along as McConnell agreed to allow a clean repeal amendment to be voted on. I find significant irony in that Collins voted no, but she was the 60th vote to begin debate on Obamacare. Folks I give you a perfect example of what a RINO is.
MSM Distraction News / Re: Sanders a Paper thief?
« Last post by taxed on Today at 11:56:29 AM »
 :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Marxists never disappoint...
MSM Distraction News / Re: Sanders a Paper thief?
« Last post by Hoofer on Today at 11:28:35 AM »
He'd rather steal the Wall Street Urinal than buy one. :laugh:

Lemme see...
a.  Bernie Sanders needs paper for his bird cage, WSJ fits the bill perfectly, lots of "intellectual white-space" will hide the bird droppings.
b.  Socialist/Elitist at heart, his neighbor "owes him" for his sacrifices to humanity... he's "entitled" to it.
c.  It's a Capitolist rag, and needs to be rounded up and burned - Bernie is just doing his part as a National Socialist (NAZI for short).
d.  He's been working overtime to get MSM coverage, and just has to check if his mindless rants get Front Page treatment.
e.  Been sleeping in, missing the MSM talking points, what better source than the WSJ....?
f.  He's just a cheap SOB.
MSM Distraction News / Re: Sanders a Paper thief?
« Last post by Solar on Today at 08:39:00 AM »
He'd rather steal the Wall Street Urinal than buy one. :laugh:
The Living Room / Re: An Elfs World
« Last post by Elfie on Today at 08:08:41 AM »
Power, phone lines came back on about730 last night.  The clean up crews have been up the block with end loaders filling up trucks with debris. I am impressed with the electrical crews, they came from far and wide. As far as New Hampshire, Tennessee, and Wisconsin, on my block alone.   
So business as usual today, gardens to deal with, lawns to deal with, sculkery stuff and work.
Have an awesome day!
and another

When does my personal liberty and economic liberty end in anything but a Constitutional Conservatism?
...and the opposite of that is a Populist?
What's a Centrist then - the guy who answers surveys with, "Not sure" & "No Opinion"?
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