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Soy Boy was just following Mad Max's instructions to confront Republicans wherever they were found.

If Spartacus pulls this one off I'm buying stock in X box, video game makers, mini bikes and tennis shoes.
Political Discussion and Debate / Re: Caravan My Ass, It's an Invading Army
« Last post by Solar on October 22, 2018, 09:02:41 PM »
Is this a photo of the mob that is trying to enter Mexico from Guatemala?
During President Trump’s rally in Houston, Texas, he claimed that he was a “nationalist.”.

They're not even trying to be cagey anymore.

Now they're just saying straight up, give us your money and we'll hand it right to this minority or that heroin addict.

Because you worked and have something.

Sick bastards.  If they win even one election with this crap it will be a travesty.  The complete bastardization of society.
Then don't accept it.  Is it really that hard to live as you choose instead of how some moron says you must?

Somebody has the right to continually annoy the shit out of me, and it's my responsibility to deal with it.  They don't have a responsibility to GTFO of my face and ears.

Classic liberal outlook. Nobody has a right to be free of your screeching and wailing and prancing and gyrating.  Just supposed to put up with it as though you're a 4-year-old.

Sorry, not happening.  I'll ask you nicely twice.  Third time you'll be crying about how loud and horrible and dangerous I am.
Probably not, but I also searched for "sexy santa" and found mostly what I would call slutty santa.
Might be.  I just typed in "black woman santa" in google images.  :)

 :lol:  Is that the best google could do?
Might be.  I just typed in "black woman santa" in google images.  :)
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