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Political Discussion and Debate / Re: Mueller to testify
« Last post by supsalemgr on Today at 04:42:54 AM »
Mueller is no dummy. He is not about to contradict his own report. That is why Democrats are not outraged at his delay to testify. They just want the issue, not the solution.
MSM Distraction News / Re: Jerry Nadler almost passes out.
« Last post by supsalemgr on Today at 04:39:28 AM »
It is clear that Trump is not good for the health of congressional democrats.
She's stumbling over her words because her face is busy fighting a losing battle against gravity.
Its all she has left to fight with. From the looks of it, the rest of her has done lost that battle with gravity.
NeonRevolt had an exclusive with one of the key figures in Spygate.  This is an incredible post and provides more pieces of the Spygate puzzle and the extent of what the deep-staters were doing.

Political Discussion and Debate / The Problem with Conservatives
« Last post by JustinCase on May 24, 2019, 09:42:00 PM »
The Problem with Conservatives

Conservatives believe in Freedom.  Individuality.  Personal Responsibility.  To Conservatives, the ends DO NOT justify the means; the path to a just result must be honorable as well.  Lying and cheating to achieve a political result, stain the result.  To us, our 'principles' matter. What we believe defines us individually.  We are against gay marriage, not because we hate gay people, but because we think the traditional family ought to have a recognized place in society.  We think that Laws matter.  You cannot enter America illegally and expect to take advantage of the many generous social programs offered to the disadvantaged.  You should not be able to steal the hard-earned tax dollars of those of us who work for a living while there are deserving, long-suffering Americans waiting in line.

Since Conservatives believe all of us are all individuals, we 'agree to disagree', and still love and respect those who are willing to debate an issue on philosophical terms.  'Winning' isn't everything, its how you play the game.  Problem is, those on the left do believe the ends justify the means.  It's okay to lie, steal, cheat and destroy on the path to Liberal Nirvana.  You can lie to cover up the transgressions of your chosen candidate in a Presidential election, for example.  So what if the then Secretary of State sold access to the 3rd most powerful position in the Executive Branch for 'donations' to a world-wide 'charity'.  So what if that same political crime boss hid their activities under a cloak of secrecy, after-all, they were under constant attacks from the 'far right conspiracy'. It was necessary to keep her secrets since her enemies would only use that information against her. Its okay to spy on the campaign of a 'hater', after-all, he deserved it.

Liberals seem to all follow the same playbook.  Don't know who is writing it, but when the edict comes down, they all jump on it quick.  Racism?  Every, and I do mean every member of the Caucasian race is guilty of it.  No exceptions.  You can do penance, and you might get elected, but being white is being evil.  Global warming?  Terrific means to control the everyday activities of the masses.  The beauty of it is, the masses respond voluntarily out of a sense of guilt/contrition.  Economics?  If you have money, you must have stole it. Pay up, now.  So what about Conservatives?  Individual Responsibility?  That means you must be content enough to blame the victims of your oppression for their short-comings.  Pay. After that,  go to jail.   You deserve everything we do to you.  Fairness?  You, Mr. Alt-Right, have no understanding of fairness.  Whatever you worked for, you must have stolen from the huddled masses of the oppressed under-class.

The problem with Conservatives is our individuality.  We aren't on the same page.  We'll debate the best approach to solving the problems of Poverty, Health Care, Education, and Immigration, while the Liberals are of the same mindset.  They quickly change their views, without any concern about seeming hypocritical, while we debate among ourselves the nuances of Conservatism.  There is 'Liberal Conservatism' and 'Conservative Liberalism' (go figure).  There is 'Libertarian Conservatism', 'Fiscal Conservatism', 'National/Traditional Conservatism' and 'Cultural/Social Conservatism'. Don't forget 'Religious Conservatism', 'Paternalistic Conservatism' and the extreme 'Authoritarian Conservatism'.  Each has its champion of ideas, and its legion of followers.

Yes, the Liberals have their spectrum of ideology, but that gets abandoned, and abandoned quickly, in the face of a conservative administration.  They agree to hate the Right, while the Right doesn't want to hate at all.  Conservatives are logically motivated, while liberals are slaves to their emotions. To them Trump is Satan.  They can agree there is a Satan, but they can't believe there is a God.

Right now, 18 months before the General Election, the 23 chosen prophets of Truth and the American Way, are stepping over each other to prove they are more socialist, more fair, more worthy and more radical than the next anointed one to lead the rest of us into the future.  I can't tell one from the other.  Abortion?  Up to the day of birth.  No, wait, birth is no obstacle.  1 day/1 week after is okay to terminate a pregnancy.  Immigrants?   Give them public assistance, public housing and public education.  Its only fair.  Forget about those people who have been waiting their turn for decades or even centuries.  The more people are in poverty, the more need the Government to solve their problems. Given the chance, the Left would grant voting rights to anyone the day they crossed the border.

There are numerous other examples of how quickly the Left seem to agree on everything.  You get the idea they've been holding back, lying about their true intentions.  All along they wanted the things we've been hearing about in their campaigns lately.  Ten years ago the Left seem to agree that Illegal Immigration was a terrible thing.  Now its open borders to everyone.  Collect $200 and do not pass Go.  Give them Citizenship and back-date their votes to 2016.  Ten years ago Marriage was between a man and a Woman.  Now, the idea of 'Men' and 'Women' are oppressive concepts which restrict the 21 different sexual identities that exist today.  The fact that most of us are Heterosexual only means we are 'phobic.  By the way, those 21 different identities only make up .5% of the population.

WTF - apparently Cauliflower is a racist vegetable. I give up.  It's a white vegetable after-all.

Conservatives are at a disadvantage. Because we believe in individualism, we can't agree to the extent that Liberals do.  The 'Never Trumpers' sit on the sidelines while those on the Left agree that anyone Liberal will do.  The Left have infiltrated the Media, and Hollywood.  They control Education.  Most people who work in Government vote Democratic.  All the young Millennials were indoctrinated into  Liberal  Theology.  And all the while they live in the parent's basement, they blame the Right because that's what they were educated to do. Too bad their parents didn't tell them that the Art History degree they pursued wasn't worth the $200,000 they spent on the over-priced education.

I am amazed how how quickly the Liberals agree.  Its like their their minds are plugged into a secret channel that tells them how to think, what to say, what to do.  It reminds me of 'The Invasion of the Body Snatchers', where the protagonists are up against a conspiracy of evil, until they too are absorbed.  "They are coming!".  "They are coming!". 

Until we agree on the threat, agree to compromise within our spectrum of Conservative views, agree to work together, we will always be at a disadvantage.  The last election, I voted 'Not Hillary'. The next time, I will vote 'Trump'.

I think they are scared out of their minds because they know what they have done is criminal and they know there are going to be indictments....very likely medicating themselves to the max.
Aside from age, I think you may be onto something. They're so freaked out they're losing sleep over what is an inevitable future of prison for many and a soon to be defunct party.
And Nancy was the leader that brought it all to an end.
She's stumbling over her words because her face is busy fighting a losing battle against gravity.
What Trump said: " I'm going to declassify the documents"

What they heard and thought:

MSM Distraction News / Re: Jerry Nadler almost passes out.
« Last post by The Boo Man... on May 24, 2019, 06:47:56 PM »
 :lol: :lol: :lol:

Jerry Nonads the congressional eunuch.
Political Discussion and Debate / Re: TEA is Alive and Well and Ready for 2020
« Last post by Solar on May 24, 2019, 05:41:47 PM »
Our institutions have kept kids as children well into what used to be adulthood for earlier generations.  Nonetheless, as these kiddies leave school and begin to compete in the real world and get married and raise families of their own, most of them mature and find out what most of us found out when we left High School.  I have faith in America because I have faith in the goodness of the American people, just as Ronald Reagan had.

We are stronger than they are and United We Stand!

It is still a minority that controls the indoctrination centers and kids don't stay in their for life!

I agree, with the economy being what it is, there's no longer an excuse for these kids in their late 30s to be staying at mom and dads. Once they enter the real world where PC is laughed at, they are in for a huge shock. Add to that, paying actual taxes out of an honest paycheck.
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