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Sports / Re: NFL Tickets Fall to $4 Apiece
« Last post by Hoofer on Today at 04:43:22 PM »
I was wondering the very same thing. looking back at my decades in business, had I cut my product cost by this margin, I'd have been in debt within a year.
This isn't govt work, where you have bureaucrats finding ways to subsidize your investment, this is their money, they're hemorrhaging millions daily.
As a business model, this is certain failure, as an investor in other industries, I'd be very concerned about these actions affecting my bottom line as in, are you using other companies to subsidize this failure?

Some of these TV contracts are several years in length, and as it was explained to me years ago, teams like the Packers would be flat BROKE if it weren't for big media markets like the Giants, Patriots, Jets & Redskins.   I was told they "share" in the TV revenue, a necessary wealth transfer, or smaller media market teams wouldn't exist, and those "expansion teams" never would have happened.

It could be YEARS before that media financial hit takes place.  But... the ticket sales have got to be hitting the individual owners big time.   NASCAR for instance, started closing tracks years ago.  The effect was it alienated the fan base, and made things worse than it might have been otherwise.   The heavy advertising NASCAR did during the decline a decade ago, sound similar to the NFL's "do anything to fill the seats".... just fill those seats, please!!!

And this probably has an effect on the Sports Bars too.   If I quit going there for lunch - to catch the replays and maybe a rebroadcast via ESPN... being "average" in demographic, I can imagine many more have quit as well.
And you got people burning Jerseys, breaking down favorite team stuff... that's pretty clear, they don't like what's going on, and probably won't come back.

Roger Goodell might have other plans, maybe he's trying to appeal to the younger Millennial crowd, IMO, he completely missed them - they're not the least bit interested.   What he did manage is alienating the fan faithful, I turned off the TV, and my Millennial kids didn't seem to care at all.  If he really wants to attract the Xbox generation, then arm the teams with real weapons, and let them go at each other between the whistles, clubs, knives, chains - the same kind of stuff from the video games.   They've seen enough of the imaginary stuff, give them some of the real blood and guts on the playing field.
Ridiculous?  I don't think so, you've already got enough arrested and thugs on the field - they've got plenty of real experience, just turn them loose and I'll lay money on it, Millennials will tune in, just to see who is gonna get carted off the field.   I won't need to watch, Monday morning at work - that's all they'll be talking about, who got their head bashed in & who did it.  Hey, the Bengals were penalized for 178 yards a week ago, is that a new record?   Go for it Roger, earn your $200 million, bring back the Roman Gladiators.  Actually, the game is FAR to SLOW for the short attention span of today's kids.   Just think "Baseball"... 160 games to lull you to sleep... really helps me unwind & fall asleep.

IMO, the beginning of the end was when Television took over the games, and the first nail was commercial breaks, then Instant Replay, followed by Free Agency.  What does it do for a Packer Fan when a former Chicago Bear Quarter Back we all learned to HATE, Jim McMann is put on our team?  This is totally ALIEN to a rivalry.  Or Brett Farve plays for the Minnesota Vikings... that's heresey, it never should have happened.   Vince Lombardi said, "... winning is the ONLY thing".  In that spirit, when the Patriots run up the score on an opponent, I say "good!" .. so does my Wife.  She wants men to act like MEN instead of wearing PINK apparel and picking up all these PC causes.

IMHO ... football jumped the shark with Instant Replay, and all this crappy television that takes away from the flow of the game.   What once was 1 1/2 to 2hrs long... is now +3hrs long - and there's more commercials than football it seems.   Funny thing is - I didn't realize how little I'd miss it.  Here I thought I'd be checking NFL several times a week, reading the stories, listening to sports broadcasts... nope, nothing.  It wasn't that big a part of my life, after all.  I watched to escape the crap of the day, Barak Obama & Democrats ruining America - now their PC Correctness has invaded Football - we turned if off.... probably forever, the NFL can thank Roger Goodell for that.
The Living Room / Re: Good Morning Living Room People
« Last post by walkstall on Today at 03:39:57 PM »
I have the Polaris 850 sportsman with a pop up rumble seat in the back.  We are on 380 acres and there over 250+ back grave road between farms you can play on year around.  I have a  full Carhartt suit quilt lined for winter play.

Town is just under 70 mile away, so that one day out of the week shopping.  You can get all the way into town on the back grave roads between farms if needed.  :lol:
Help / Re: How actively involved are you in your local city council?
« Last post by supsalemgr on Today at 01:00:00 PM »
Like Solar, I am not in a city. I do vote in county commissioner and school board elections. In my view people are pretty involved in these local elections, especially school board in my county. Folks in my area desire teaching, not indoctrination.
An ongoing reflection on Tillerson and the gang.
The Ancients held close and dear the dictum of Heraclitus that "Character is Destiny";
one of the critical reasons Greece and Rome endured for more than 1200 years.
Trump, despite worthy intentions, is oblivious to this truth, which is why we have Sessions and Tillerson.
While the left seethes w/smouldering rage; Trump counters w/infantile tweets, assuming his
verbal abuse and sarcasm sufficient to get their attention and respect; but this is the errand of a fool.
As days morph into weeks and months; it is beyond obvious that Trump has surrounded himself
w/those who flatter him because he's desperately needy of applause; as his pep rallies attest.
* He's at the 25% mark of his term; is the 'Swamp' 25% drained?????
* The R establishment has undisguised contempt and loathing for him, a cold reality.
* Leaders must be capable if instilling fear in their mortal enemies; so who fears Trump????
While hopes and wishes are well intentioned; the current situation cannot endure
as we will not escape history.
Jokes / Re: Elmo Factory
« Last post by Solar on Today at 11:21:40 AM »
Did you scroll down for the punchline? :laugh:
Help / Re: How actively involved are you in your local city council?
« Last post by Solar on Today at 11:20:25 AM »
Hi all!

I was just wondering for my statistics project, how actively involved are you guys in your local city council?
Hmmm, interesting question. For those of us rural folk, there is no such thing as a "City Council".
Honestly, it's this very reason most of us avoid cities and their leftist councils and moved away from the filth.
« Last post by 9111315 on Today at 11:16:15 AM »
« Last post by 9111315 on Today at 11:03:38 AM »
Help / How actively involved are you in your local city council?
« Last post by Aplikowski on Today at 10:54:06 AM »
Hi all!

I was just wondering for my statistics project, how actively involved are you guys in your local city council?
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