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Political Discussion and Debate / Re: Ted Cruz Thread
« Last post by wally on Today at 07:35:55 AM »
I believe that is what many said about Reagan. We saw how that worked out.
As long as we're invoking Ronald Maximus, I think we ought to remember his eleventh commandment!
(George Herbert Walker Bush labeled Reagan's supply side economics as being "Voodoo Economics" when he ran against Reagan and Dole in the primary.  The left still calls it that.  Prior to the landslide election of Ronald Reagan, Republicans were depicted as Blue and White and the Democrats were the REDS!  The media, long before cable, talk radio or the internet changed that!  There was no push back becasue there was nowhere one could push back.

We are enabling the REDS to march us down the road towards stateism and Despotic control of one party, tyranical rule, if we give them ammunition to use against us.  Even our weakest links (RINO's) are Republicans, in the eyes of the media and the electorate.  Whatever we say can and will be used against us in the court of public opinion!  That's why Reagan cautioned aginst speaking ill of anyone with the Republican brand.  We are only diminished by it.  He said that when others railed aginst another Republican who was against us 20% of the time, he saw someone who was with us 80% of the time.  We don't want these people as our leaders, but we need to use them when we can and then get rid of them when we can.  It only gives fodder to the other side when we shoot ourselves in the foot by demonizing identified Republican Leaders as people who ought not be given power.  They paint us all with that same broad brush!!!
CPF regularly links to Hawkins' site Right Wing News, but this is from It's as succinct a list as possible, leaving out only the no-show welfare-office jobs for second cousins of worthless deadbeats.

    When liberals look at the poor, first and foremost, they see people who will vote for them in exchange for goodies. This gives liberals a perverse incentive to keep as many Americans mired in poverty as humanly possible.

    This is why liberals are always willing to make a government handout a little bigger, easier to qualify for, or to make sure as many people as possible are using it. They want poor people to remain poor – and no wonder. Show me a ghetto in America and I will show you an area that votes heavily Democrat despite the fact that its condition never seems to improve.

    Incidentally, that’s just how liberals like it. If you’re poor today, they’d like you to remain poor next year, the next ten years or even for the rest of your life. Then, not only do liberals get your vote, they get to feel better about themselves because they’re “helping” a “pitiful, helpless failure” like you. It’s the best of all worlds for liberals: they get to feel “generous,” it helps keep them in power, and other people pick up the bill.

    Of course, it’s certainly not the best of all worlds for the poor.
MSM Distraction News / Re: Brian Williams' Legacy
« Last post by kroz on Today at 07:33:49 AM »
In a recent interview Roger Ailes said he would reinstate Williams to his job.....   :thumbdown:
Political Discussion and Debate / Re: Ted Cruz Thread
« Last post by Solar on Today at 07:32:38 AM »
Actually they are more like the headless chicken. It runs around a bit before finally tipping over.
:lol: :lol: :lol:
I was thinking the Pushmepullyou, but headless chicken works on sooo many levels. :biggrin:
Political Discussion and Debate / Re: Ted Cruz Thread
« Last post by WashingtonLives on Today at 07:31:11 AM »
That is it. They just throw it out there, and think the sheep will lap it up. I still disagree about Palin being unelectable...she has more guts in her little finger than all the Rhinos in a row!
How the hell does he get those Moslem names down so well? It's pretty amazing. he even pronounces them right. I can no more say them, much less spell them....   :thumbup:

He will undoubtedly have the highest IQ on the ballot!
Political Discussion and Debate / Re: Americans Awakening to Islam
« Last post by kroz on Today at 07:28:51 AM »
I spend a whole lot of time out on my boat with a fishing pole in my hands doing very important research!  Thanks!

 :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Always been more a Dragonball fan myself  :tounge: but yeah all these Japanese animation series all have common values about honor/valor as you said and Dragonball has Christian analogous themes all over it with altruism and self sacrifice. Also love movies such as Ninja Scroll, Akira, Spirited Away, Vampire Hunter D, Ghost in the Shell, Princess Mononoke and also good family movies like my neighbor Totoro. Hmm that's another thing with Japanese animation, the children though always filled with energy and free to explore wilderness without helicopter parents always have respect and acknowledgement for the authority of elders and parents even when they are rebels they are still respectful while being smartasses like i.e in Akira.
Ahhh, a man of my own heart! Agree, it's why I like the Asian culture, they raise their children to respect one another, regardless of view points.
The very thing the US is losing to PC bull shit.
How the hell does he get those Moslem names down so well? It's pretty amazing. he even pronounces them right. I can no more say them, much less spell them....   :thumbup:
Imo, you can make Obama and the democrats go on the record all you want. It's meaningless to the 40% of Americans whose sole interest lies only in what Santa Claus is going to do for them and not what is best for the country as a whole.
And this is the sum of all fears!   RUSH was taken by surprize in 2012 and coined the term "low information voters".  We all are preaching to the choir, sharing each and every particle of insight into both the system and the individual players.  So many, doen't even know basic things about their goverment and who does what or our Constitution and what the law really is and what powers are limited and why.

I am so concerned about the "retard effect" that I am driven to fish! (just go out on the lake and do something a bit more productive than betting on who will ultimately win the paper, rock scissors that's become how we choose our candidates, as well as the President and all our Leaders)

 But  I don't give up. I come back somewhat refreshed with a glimmer of renewed optimism!

I'm an old guy...but it seems that so many of the younguns who will inherit whatever we do now, just don't seem to care about anything more than what they can get for themselves and they don't even attempt to connect the dots about how much politics and goverment impacts even this basic desire of theirs coming to fruition.
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