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Political Discussion and Debate / Hillary endorses Colin Kaepernick
« Last post by je_freedom on Today at 10:35:31 PM »
Did anyone notice during the third debate
when Hillary endorsed Colin Kaepernick?

She said exactly the same thing Colin Kaepernick said
to "justify" refusing to stand for the national anthem:

"When was America ever great?"

And she didn't follow it up with anything!
No spin, no context, nothing!
She made the statement as a stark, unequivocal
denial of any greatness of America!
Pretty f**king disgusting but I don 't think the government can renege on a contract. Especially when the soldiers upheld their end.

The Federal Acquisition Regulations (FARs) say that the government
can terminate ANY contract at ANY time "for convenience."
(No matter how much money the contractor has invested in
building up his capability to fulfill the contract.)

The FARs are incorporated, by reference,
into every contract the government makes.
That is, every contract contains a clause that says that the FARs apply.
(Convenient way of getting people to
sign on to conditions of which they are unaware.)
Carson kind of comes off as an Alzheimer patient wandering around the mall by himself. He wasn't cut out for this and he's trying hard to find his footing. However he cut off both his feet when he endorsed the clown that called him a pedophile.
Political Discussion and Debate / Re: Voted
« Last post by The Boo Man... on Today at 09:39:43 PM »
I'm going to write in Juanita Broaddrick .
Pretty f**king disgusting but I don 't think the government can renege on a contract. Especially when the soldiers upheld their end.
So, the horsemen were right again...
The Living Room / Re: Walks, Seen the Forecast?
« Last post by walkstall on Today at 08:37:51 PM »
It's that time a year.  Forecasters are predicting a La NiƱa event in the Pacific Ocean. 
The old bait and switch, who would'a thunk it?       

Obamacare enrollment: A sneak peak at 2017 plans and what they'll really cost you

Among states, the highest premium hikes is a stunning 116 percent increase in Arizona, where a 27-year-old who did not qualify for financial aid would go from paying an average of $196 per month for his "benchmark" plan this year up to $422 per month for the same type of plan next year. The lowest increase is a 2 percent hike in New Hampshire, where the benchmark plan for a 27-year-old would go from $215 per month to $217.

more @|mod&par=xfinity
Political Discussion and Debate / Re: Voted
« Last post by je_freedom on Today at 08:07:42 PM »
Wrote in Cruz like I said I would.
So when Trump loses, you can thank the spineless cowards refusing to stand on principle, and instead let the GOP Establishment Marxists lead them around by their ear tag.
Yeah, they could have fought like the rest of us for the Conservative, but nooo, they caved to the Establishments need to have a lib on the ticket.

So I'm curious Trumpanzees, will you let the GOP pick your next lib candidate, or will you, for once in your pathetic lives, grow a set of balls and support the conservative next time?
This will be our final chance to turn the country around, the GOP is now a branch of the DNC.

Well, you're in California, so there was no chance of stopping Hil-LIAR-y there, anyway.

If they ever establish the State of Jefferson, would you be in it?
NBC News reported on this tonight.
They made no mention of the parts I highlighted.
They just said that some of the recipients were later found
to not qualify for the payments received.
They gave no further details.

NBC said that the overpayments totaled around $20 million.
Not one cent should be clawed back from these soldiers.

Unlike Solyndra.  I'm sure that there still are some
big chunks of that $500 million that could be clawed back!
How much of that failure was due to bad market predictions,
and how much was due to skimming and fat salaries and bonuses?
Excellent comparison!!!!
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