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Like this Hill and Bill selfie, you mean?

Thunder thighs rides again.  :rolleyes:
Political Discussion and Debate / Re: Kurdfrenzia
« Last post by quiller on Today at 03:08:41 AM »
Or maybe they like American college football:

Berkeley Bolsheviks versus the Harvard Trotskys.....should be a great halftime show with Jane Fonda and Karl Marx doing interpretive dance routines based on the heritage of Elizabeth Warren.
Political Discussion and Debate / Re: Ted Cruz is the ONLY Worthy Choice
« Last post by quiller on Today at 03:00:00 AM »
Yes. Yes it is.

What-ho, Neddy, time for the extra-wide cricket-paddle. It leaves a better blister on the backside needing it most.
Political Discussion and Debate / Re: Another Beheading!
« Last post by quiller on Today at 02:49:31 AM »
HEY! WE Buckeyes are not heartless, we just want what is ours.

Uh huh. And if we even HAD a wolverine left here, it would EAT your Buckeye, lemme tell ya!

But according to leftist logic Ohio would not only be justified in sitting there shooting missiles and rockets into Michigan day after day to kill Yoopers, but now we'd be just A-ok if we started beheading Yoopers too.

Lucky for those in Michigan we "Buckeyes" nowadays see "Yoopers" as our fellow American citizens and would NEVER do something like that.  Because these liberals would have absolutely zero done to stop such violence if we Buckeye's didn't. :lol:

A bit of geographical info for you folks. Michigan's Upper Peninsula residents call themselves Yoopers, short for "U.P.ers," but Lower Peninsula people in the Mitten don't mind. After all: name any other place on this PLANET where (if anyone asks where you're from) you can locate your home town by pointing to your right palm. (And with respect for Yoopers, the best they can do to match that is turn their left hand upside-down so their left thumb becomes the part linking to the Lower Peninsula by way of the Mackinac Bridge --- a license-plate icon).

Sorry about the disclaimer below, but you get the general idea.....

I agree about liberals doing nothing to stop the violence. Detroit for example has disbanded its narcotics unit (pending yet ANOTHER reorganization after evidence-room evidence, um, went up in smoke) and additionally the police are down to roughly half of what they should be.
Political Discussion and Debate / Re: Kurdfrenzia
« Last post by Mountainshield on Today at 02:36:32 AM »
Or maybe they like American college football:

They could just be into rosing as well, but I would advise you to check out all the political leftist parties in power around the world, they all use the red rose which is the symbol of socialism.

MSM Distraction News / Phil Robertson: the Interview
« Last post by quiller on Today at 02:22:59 AM »

Here's a Tuesday Tingler to get our lib trolls here into a lather.....

FOX411: You’re not a fan of political correctness.
Phil Robertson: Listen to the definition according to Noah Webster. You gotta remember, right or wrong, I’m a guy who believes in Biblical correctness. Political correctness is this according to Webster’s dictionary: Conforming to what is regarded as orthodox liberal opinion on matters of sexuality, race etc. Usually used disparagingly to connote dogmatism, extreme sensitivity to minority causes, so if you read the definition according to the Webster’s dictionary, it’s not real favorable.

It’s just liberal opinion and I’m like, 'Well let me give you the Biblical view. I love all men and women on this earth, including by the way all the current terrorists who are lopping people’s heads off. I would rather sit down and have a Bible study with ‘em and put ‘em to Jesus because he’s all about life and what they seem to be into, it’s all about death. It’s just a sad situation we found ourselves in world wide.

You’ve got to remember, I’m not a preacher. I’m just one guy living on the river looking around saying, 'We might ought to try loving God and loving each other for a while and I think all these race problems would disappear.' Of course, I have the Biblical view of marriage. In the beginning, God made male and female and he said marriage is between the two, but I love all people. I just give them the Biblical view. The last thing I am is a man who hates people.

Much more......
Political Discussion and Debate / Re: Obama’s ship is sinking
« Last post by The Boo Man... on Today at 01:54:22 AM »
Obama's ship never really left the port. He's was a completely manufactured candidate.
Isn't that where you hang, skin and tan the hides of the liberal trolls?

Yes. Yes it is.
Political Discussion and Debate / Re: Another Beheading!
« Last post by The Boo Man... on Today at 01:39:56 AM »
What do you think would be the most efficient way for America to kill all the Muslims in the world? Obviously air strikes aren't enough to kill a quarter of the entire human population. So, as far as the nuts and bolts go, how should we go about exterminating them? Would you recommend concentration camps, or maybe you think America should launch thousands of nuclear strikes on major Muslim cities to begin with? But the radiation would make it difficult to mop up survivors.

I'm just curious how you think we could accomplish this lofty goal?

Strawmen hyperbole and lunacy...oh my!

We screwed up with the whole nation building thing. After 9/11 we should have bombed the hell out of them in Afghanistan. Then we give any country they fled to an ultimatum. Kill them or we will. Soon they would run out of places to flee to.
Sports / Re: The NFL now has a 'Dept. of Social Responsibility'
« Last post by quiller on Today at 01:35:32 AM »
...Followed by classes in Meaningful Apologies for Roughness, and Abject Groveling for being men. Lace curtains in the locker room and pink towels for allllllll should really help as well!
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