Author Topic: To Trumpanzees From Nevertrumpers  (Read 755 times)

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Re: To Trumpanzees From Nevertrumpers
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When the top man says dont fear the NRA and that we should grab the guns first and work out the due process later and tells Finestine and her bunch to add in her gun control crap into his big bill he is pushing, its kinda his fault. It doesnt really matter now I guess. He has a large majority fooled.
So you take everything written in a headline as the gospel?

First off, try reading what Trump was talking about when he made that statement, and the fact that an EO didn't follow nor has there been any Legislation sponsored, proves it was just to shut the left up.
Second, what he said to Feinstein, was to talk to, I think it was (Twomey?) or whoever the sponsors of the Bill were, knowing quite well, with her addition, the Bill had no chance of passing.
She was played for the idiot she is.

Seriously, start reading everything and understanding what you're reading, because believe it or not, the LSM lies, especially in headlines, as well as, quit listening to losers that have no clue as to what they're talking about on Faceplant and Twitt-er, the left owns these sites and edits the truth as well as ban people for posting an opposing view, leaving mostly angry idiots on those sites.

Hell, I've been banned from ABC and The Hill just last week just for telling the truth, meaning there are no longer any real opposing views left.
I don't blame you for not hearing the truth, but it is up to you to seek it out.
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