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Author Topic: Even I May Vote 3rd Party!  (Read 4475 times)

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Re: Even I May Vote 3rd Party!
« Reply #75 on: January 12, 2013, 07:39:55 AM »
When I was at Kunsan, the cute little theory was that we were there to keep the South from going north.

That may explain the prolonged stay.

I can see why.  Besides the original invasion, the idiots up north are poking and provoking every damned day.

I guess they always figured China would have their backs.  Shoulda listened to MacArthur, lol.  And Patton on Russia, heh.  The military men are here to end problems, the politicians are here to avoid/ ignore them until catastrophe rears it's head.
Booby traps are sent down the Imjin river daily,(relying on memory here) I lost a friend to one and another maimed for life, both were explosives.
The North is packed full of indoctrinated, ignorant people that believe they are being protected by Kim from a world of slavers looking to take them as chattel.
They see attacking the South as not only honorable, but a duty.
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