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Author Topic: Trumps in trouble now..Former Obama admin officials form "Resistance Think Tank"  (Read 644 times)

Online Sauce

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To tell the world how our foreign policy should be run......


...and I guess the theory that Susan Rice is some kind of double reverse triple agent with her email to herself in the waning hours of the Obama administration were greatly exaggerated. 

Offline AndyJackson

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What a bunch of little shits, masquerading as professional people.

They have shredded every expected aspect of decorum, professionalism, dignity, collegiality, that are expected after an election / transition.

240 years of tradition and decorum..... means absolutely zip to jackasses who didn't get their way, and can't move forward without living like children 24 / 7.

They believed Obama that they would always get their way, forever.  And that little switch that flipped for the entire German population, who decided that Hitler's various genocides were OK......... flipped just the same for today's libs and dems.  Sick little bastards.  They should be considered too far gone, and cleaved out of American politics / society.

They're doing this to themselves, and should be given absolutely no help to stop themselves.

We traditionally have let them get away with everything, saved them from themselves, and refused to fight back in kind.  Hopefully under Trump, that's a thing of the past.

Cryptic Bert

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Basically the people that created "leading from behind" are going to come up with some new talking points and then spend six months appearing on CNN and MSNBC.


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