Author Topic: Trump: Screw You Leftists, It's My $1.3 trillion To Spend As I See Fit  (Read 250 times)

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Yes, a bit of over the top drama on my part, but in truth, that's essentially what Trump is telling the Marxist RINO. God, I am ecstatic he is our President.

Reports continue to bubble up that the White House and its conservative House GOP allies are thinking about using the super-obscure “rescission” process to undo or redo a vast swath of appropriations that were enacted in the omnibus spending bill Trump signed less than three weeks ago.

The idea is to placate conservatives who have been raging on television and social media about the $1.3 trillion in appropriations the omnibus included, and about Trump’s failure to get what he wanted in the way of border wall funding. Rescissions represent a “claw back” of previously appropriated money under procedures that allow for Congress to approve them by a simple majority vote (unlike the omnibus, which needed 60 Senate votes to avoid a filibuster). They haven’t been used for years, and in the past were not normally used to reverse decisions made so very recently, particularly when the president’s party was in control of Congress. But then this isn’t a normal president or a normal GOP.

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First Amendment isn't just Freedom Of Speech, it's Freedom Of Conscience.

Who made you the arbiter of morality? You are not Government but you sure are acting like one.


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