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The Daily Signal on Gorsuch
« on: April 09, 2017, 06:24:45 AM »
Pretty good summary - how to get the next guy on the SCOTUS.
1. Being Highly Qualified Is Key.

Leonard Leo, an adviser to Trump on Supreme Court matters who has been on leave from the Federalist Society, a conservative legal organization, helped advance the Gorsuch nomination. 

Leo told The Daily Signal that finding extraordinary candidates to serve on the high court is one of the most important lessons to take away from the process.

“This process confirms the fact that it’s extremely important to nominate individuals to the court who are one, extraordinarily well-qualified … [and] have a serious, demonstrated commitment to originalism and textualism,” Leo said. 

Agreed, it also helped he's been through the process before and was unanimously approved for his last seat.
Why were there NO VOTES from those same Democrats?  Explain that one, leftists!

2. The Importance of Transparency.

As a candidate for president, Trump released two lists of potential Supreme Court nominees before the Nov. 8 presidential election.

Trump’s combined list was a historic effort to bring transparency to the vetting process, Leo said.

“Let’s understand that this could have gone differently had we not had Donald Trump as president and had we not had Donald Trump the candidate so committed to getting it right,” Leo said. “What he did was historic and brilliant by issuing a list and by putting the issue into play in a very clear way.”

I was, and still remain skeptical.   It also gives the left more time to load up the smear wagon... just have my doubts...  but we all knew a lot about him, long before the process started!

3. Conservative Unity.

The coordination of conservatives, who united forces and worked together for Gorsuch’s confirmation, is another lesson for future Supreme Court appointments, said Elizabeth Slattery, a legal fellow at The Heritage Foundation.

“One lesson is that when the conservative base is motivated, great things can happen,” Slattery said. “Grassroots activists across the country helped make it clear to senators that Neil Gorsuch is the type of justice conservatives want on the Supreme Court.

Absolutely true!  The left seems to find a sort of haphazard unity when the voting starts... still a mystery to me how they do it.

4. Well-Allocated Resources.

Conservative supporters spent millions of dollars on TV ads and other ways to boost Gorsuch, Leo said.

“It is an unprecedented … $15 million campaign,” Leo said, “and [Judicial Crisis Network] played a role, but there were a lot of key players.”

Among them, he said, were CRC Public Relations, the National Rifle Association, National Right to Life, and Americans for Prosperity.

The courts have become politicized, Leo said, and as a result the Supreme Court nomination and confirmation process will begin to look more like a political campaign:

This is really troubling.   We can thank the Liberals for creating this mess.   Since making a political statement is their motto, we've gone far, far away from fair and honest judgement based on the Constitution.   And, as you'd expect, now we have Liberal judges who follow the same Political Correctness error.

Good article, light read, and great summary - there's more, check it out.
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Re: The Daily Signal on Gorsuch
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2017, 06:39:04 AM »
The nomination of D.J. Trump changed the integrity and honor of the RNC.  The election of D.J. Trump changed the political theater.
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