Author Topic: Sheriff Israel’s Deputy Trained Mosque Members on How to Deal With Shooter  (Read 297 times)

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Encourage concealed handguns to protect Muslim mosques, but not American schools.

That’s the contradictory message that a Florida law enforcement agency is sending after a buried “Islamic protection” program came to light.

Sheriff Scott Israel and all of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office are under extreme scrutiny in the fallout of the Parkland, Florida school shooting… and now a piece of information from several years ago is raising even more questions about double standards and priorities.

More and more it is beginning to look like the problem was 100% failure of the police and the FBI to do their job and the gun grabbers are only exploiting the tragedy to push changes to our laws which are not needed.

I wish we had someone on our side with balls enough to stand up for what's right and set the record straight.  No one dares to criticize the "student victims" any more than anyone dared criticize any of " the Four Jersey Girls" after 9/11!  This gives such puppet's handlers so much power!
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Encourage concealed handguns to protect people from Muslim mosques,

First Amendment isn't just Freedom Of Speech, it's Freedom Of Conscience.

Who made you the arbiter of morality? You are not Government but you sure are acting like one.


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