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Statistical Bigotry in Education
« on: December 03, 2017, 12:13:16 PM »
Social engineers in colleges and universities began drawing up untested experiments using black and Hispanic kids as laboratory rats. They wanted to show that leaving disruptive kids in the classroom, instead of removing them for serious behavior violations including assaults on teachers, would improve scholastic performance.

Instead, disruptions and scholastic performance both got worse. Leaving disruptive kids in a classroom is a danger not only to the teacher but to other students as well. The university professors are nowhere near the classrooms to see the disaster they created with their inane idea, nor are they held accountable.

Not surprisingly, no amount of cultural sensitivity training of school officials will negate the culturally dysfunctional baggage brought to school every day by students.

Sheriff Clarke continues to say the stuff we've been hearing for decades, "The kids are not ready, the parents are not parenting, poverty, failure to take responsibility as a parent, etc., etc.  He then gets really on point..

One of the hallmarks of slavery was criminalizing the education of black children thus keeping them ignorant. I would argue that many of today’s public school policies achieve the same results - they keep kids ignorant.

The goal of social activists is not to fix education problems but to fix the statistics. They are focusing on the wrong thing. Statistics can be exploited not only to make school problems (seem to) disappear, but also to demonstrate the need for the continuation of government programs. The kids who fail in school today are the population that tomorrow will fill jails and prisons and be in need of government assistance.

Former President George W. Bush called these low expectations “soft bigotry.” He was right.

Why we decided to homeschool, before it was popular.  I myself, a educational disaster, basically unchallenged intellectually, just waited for the day to LEAVE that system.   My kids are doing alot better than I ever imagined, thank God.   For the kid they said, "He'll never amount to anything...", meaning me, it didn't take long after graduating to really begin to make something of myself.  Enough of that, though, there's another problem with Public Schools - MONEY.

Think Michelle Obama's revamping of the school lunch program, that's where the money problem originates, Washington DC.

You want the Feds to help build a new school building?   Here's their criteria!  Nothing gets funded, unless they tell you HOW and WHAT to spend it on.   The high school I graduated from was built with no interior walls between the classrooms.  Open space!  Then someone said, "we need curtains"... those went in... then "We MUST HAVE WALLS so we can teach without hearing all the other classrooms!"  up when walls. 

The original EXPERIMENT, probably some Liberal, half-stoned professor's idea, was tried on us country guinea pigs - it failed.  Of course, what did we know about education, a bunch of farmers, these were the college educated folks, telling us what to do - and withholding the funds we needed, unless we did it THEIR way... the NEA way.   Sheriff Clarke is seeing what my parents saw, Liberals have always been about enslaving the next generation, ensuring there will be someone to work for them, vote for them.
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