Author Topic: Some Superb Advice from Patrick J. Buchanan  (Read 617 times)

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Some Superb Advice from Patrick J. Buchanan
« on: May 05, 2018, 01:54:30 PM »
         I found this excellent editorial last
night while doing my usual online news gathering. 
I have not seen a better article
anywhere in the media about
the nature of the farcical Trump-Russia investigation
and what Trump should do about it. 
Make no mistake, Mueller and Co.
are out for blood and are using
the pretense of acting
'under the law' to cover up a phony 'inquiry'
that is so politically-motivated
it doesn't care what laws it breaks.

So with no further ado here it is:

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Re: Some Superb Advice from Patrick J. Buchanan
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2018, 03:09:56 PM »
Good post. Pat is absolutely correct, POTUS cannot be charged by anyone but Congress.

Only Congress has the power of Impeachment, which we know is nothing more than a charge, not a conclusion.

Here's the law.

I, sec. 6, clause 1 does not confer any immunity upon the members of Congress,
but rather limits the complete immunity from judicial proceedings which they
otherwise would enjoy as members of a branch co-equal with the judiciary.” Id.
Thus, in the absence of a specific textual provision withdrawing it, the President
would enjoy absolute immunity. In addition, the textual silence regarding the existence
of a presidential immunity from criminal proceedings may merely reflect
the fact that it “ may have been too well accepted to need constitutional mention
(by analogy to the English Crown), and that the innovative provision was the
specified process of impeachment extending even to the President.” Id. at 19.
Finally, the historical evidence bearing on whether or not an implicit presidential
immunity from judicial process was thought to exist at the time of the Founding
was ultimately “ not conclusive.” Id. at 20.

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Re: Some Superb Advice from Patrick J. Buchanan
« Reply #2 on: May 05, 2018, 09:12:08 PM »
In some 250 words, Buchanan articulates a winning strategy, which should
bring this fandango to a screeching halt and then an end.
Yet, I opine it won't for a simple reason. There are too many parties having
a vested interest in keeping this merry-go-round rotating; among them:
* Trump, who is addicted to media attention and cannot stop talking/tweeting.
* The media who now have a mega-phone to attract attention, raising ad revenue.
* Assorted political entities, primarily the Dems as well as the GOP Est. Never
Trumpers, the K Street Gang as well as average people who are childishly amused
by malarkey and only interested in which side uttered the last best insult.
Consider for a moment, a few realities outside the DC Swamp that need
very serious attention.
The Korea meeting is virtually upon us, where the issues include:
* re-unification of the Peninsula,
* de-nuclearization of the North,
* withdrawal of the US military from the South,
* the re-emergence of Japan as the leader of the Pacific Rim.
Related, is the attitude and behavior of China, who in violation
of both the rule and spirit of Free Trade have run a multi-billion
annual deficit w/the USA for at least a generation.
Early talks have stalemated w/o either resolution or progress.
And last but hardly least is Iran, the catalyst for virtually all the turmoil
in the Middle East since the overthrow of Moh'd Rheza Phalevi in 1979,
who are merrily on their way to Nuclear Missile capability posing a grave
risk to Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt as well as the Balkans.
Trump has 7 days to decide on withdrawal!!!
Did I just hear someone say;"Oh, all this other stuff will work out just fine
but what's new involving collusion/obstruction???"
Nations get the governance they deserve.




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