Author Topic: Sen. Candidate Sending Unsuspecting Hurricane Donors to Dem Fundraising Site  (Read 395 times)

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Bill Nelson, a Democratic senator from Florida who’s campaigning for reelection, is trying to pass off collecting personal information for the left as a relief effort for Hurricane Michael.
He posted a link on Twitter earlier this week, calling it a way to donate money to help with the devastation from the hurricane.
But what he didn’t mention in the tweet is that the link leads to a fundraising site for Democrats Instead of the link he added going straight to “nonprofit organizations,” it goes to ActBlue, a crowdfunding tool for Democrats which only serves leftist candidates and causes.

What a scum bag! I;ll be so glad when He's sent packing. How low can you go? :cursing:

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Thankfully he will probably lose to Scott in November.


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