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Author Topic: Climate Change Story  (Read 689 times)

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Climate Change Story
« on: November 03, 2018, 06:44:29 AM »
I found this amusing - not even sure how I ended up looking at it. I was looking up some recent blurb I saw on Venice IT and recent flooding. Thought this worth a post to share just one example how poor the reporting is in USAless Today. I don't even use this paper in my dog's cage for fear it will make the dog nuts. But they do have pretty pictures ... enough for a lib to enjoy. No substance required - just as long as it lines up with the group think.

The story (and I use that work specifically vs. reporting) that I saw is at:


Weather patterns have not been the only factor, according to Keya Chaterjee, executive director of the U.S. Climate Action Network. Chatterjee noted that the storms in Italy followed other devastating weather events this year, including hurricanes Florence and Michael in the United States and Super Typhoon Yutu that hit Guam and the Philippines.

"What we're seeing is part of a trend," Chaterjee said. "It is happening as part of a climate that we have altered through the burning of fossil fuels. Unfortunately, it it totally consistent with what has been predicted for decades and decades at this point."

So I looked up their expert source, Chaterjee ...

She's executive director. Pictured holding a megaphone ... I'm guessing that's her typical activist pose. She used to work at NASA in some climate change advisory capacity ... used to. The money moved on after BO finally left and so did NASA. She couldn't because it appears to be her cause.

The funny thing is that USAless Today is reporting a weather piece and supposedly evaluating it's relation to climate change and use this activist as their primary source - and she's unqualified.

They then double down:

Ken Berlin, president and CEO of the Climate Reality Project, said Venice's flooding shows climate change will continue to have significant effects worldwide.

"Events like this remind us that the victims of the climate crisis are our friends and neighbors – the shop owner whose store and stock is full of water, families whose homes have been destroyed by floods, fallen trees, or landslides, and innocent people who tragically lose their lives," Berlin said. "It’s clearer than ever that our leaders need to step up action to transition to a clean energy economy and stem the tide of unchecked climate change. Our world depends on it."

Move to emotional social appeal. He relates us to the tragedy to our friends then couples to the need for a clean energy economy which he says will "stem the tide of unchecked climate change." Total bunch of crap. And he probably gets paid for his "stories".

Personally, I'm confident that there are climate change cycles - history suggests it. But I don't know that we're seeing a trend now - too little data (can't draw a good line when measured points are too close together). Even less do I believe that there is substantial evidence that the cause is our use of fossil fuels. And even less than that do I believe that we (men) can change the climate in any direction - the system is simply too large for us to affect ... yet; God help us when we can affect the climate. But I do believe it's good to take reasonable and rationale steps to reduce what we put into the environment that isn't naturally there. Why can't the activists just say that. Mom and Dad always taught me to pick up my trash. I guess the activists probably can't get funded just to promote common sense. They would starve ... oh well.

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Re: Climate Change Story
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2018, 01:34:11 PM »
Since the French Enlightenment, the left has used science to advance its radical agenda. According to them, climate change, a new phenomenon caused my man, is their latest tool.
Yet common sense and intuition are on the side of those rejecting their bull crap.
In 1907, Bertram Boltwood, an American Chemist/Physicist, validated radio-metric
dating of the minerals in the earth; element by element.
According to the results of his experimentation, the Age of Earth was established
at 4.650 billion years.
Earlier, anthropologists had established the Age of Man on this Earth at some 6.0 million
years; meaning Earth had persisted for 99.99% of its existence w/o the presence of Man.
What are the implications of this:
* W/o Man to maintain records, the only validation of what occurred in the past is derived
   from an examination of the Earth itself and what it has left behind.
* Further, we know that the organic life of everything in Nature is cyclical; including Man.
Therefore is it not intuitive that climate change, however defined, is also cyclical and is
highly likely to have occurred countless times since Creation?????


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