Author Topic: New documents reveal FBI's Clinton cover-up  (Read 1018 times)

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Re: New documents reveal FBI's Clinton cover-up
« Reply #15 on: December 04, 2017, 12:58:16 PM »
I don't see Trump behaving one iota different today than he did during the primary, the general, or the last year.

He's still doing the exact same brawling with the people who attack him, lie about him, and undermine him.

Same hilarious invective, nastiness, and craziness.  Don't forget "Hillary got schlonged" lol.  Trump could never outdo that.  And I for one love it.

He didn't get elected and supported to be a prim and proper blueblood country club deep-stater.  Quite the opposite; he was elected to do exactly what he's been doing for the last 16 months, right through today.

Complaining about his behavior is foolish.  It totally misses the point and the reason for Trump being elected.  People loved him during the elections because he was anti-Clinton-Bush-Obama-DC.  Against every last thing that they are.  And that defines "how he acts".

He won't and can't be impeached unless he himself decides to just take a pass, on destroying the people that are nipping at his heels, or just firing everybody and issuing pardons.  He can do both right now; not sure why he doesn't.  My only guess is that he's building it slowly, methodically, knowing that virtually all of the nonsense from the left is digging them an even deeper hole.
Again fair enough, yet keep in mind that the vast majority of plain people are focused on
their daily struggles; having absolutely no interest in the political comings and goings in DC.
They also intuitively know that a placid temperament is far preferable to a mercurial one,
for their home life and the raising of children.
They are Trump's natural constituency and I doubt they are either amused or interested
in his and his enemies daily antics; which is little more than an opiate for the media.
Anyway you're entitled to your opinion. Peace.


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