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As if we did not know.   :popcorn:

New Department Of Labor Report Reveals Rampant Embezzlement By Union Employees Around U.S.

For the rest of you, a new report from the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), obtained by the Detroit Free Press, proves that the corruption inside of union offices around the country is far more rampant than you ever imagined.  As the Free Press notes, in the past two years alone, more than 300 union locations have discovered embezzlement of union funds totaling millions of dollars...and that's just counting the people who got caught.

Even though the UAW is the poster child of union corruption, cases reported by the DOL involved unions representing nurses, aerospace engineers, firefighters, teachers, film and TV artists, air traffic controllers, musicians, bus inspectors, bakery workers, roofers, postal workers, machinists, ironworkers, steelworkers, dairy workers, plasterers, train operators, plumbers, stagehands, engineers, electricians, heat insulators, missile range workers and bricklayers.  Meanwhile, the various cases involve embezzlement and fraud ranging from $1,051 up to nearly $6.5 million.

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I made the sorry mistake TWICE of accepting positions in a UAW manufacturing facility.  After the first one I vowed, "Never again"
20 years later I was made an offer I could not refuse and lived in UAW hell for a year.  That time I walked away saying, "Never EVER again."

2 perfectly good companies destroyed by the UAW.   

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A now retired, lifelong Union guy we know, a Steamfitter, objected when his Local leaders wanted to merge into another city's Union.
His Local was flush with pension/retirement funds, the other one, which wanted to merge was going broke... it was only "fair" they told him (we're all a brotherhood, in it together).

Finally, after a year or so and many votes against the idea, they were given the option of either merging pension/retirement funds, or taking a pension buyout - the Union officials figured nobody would do that....   Some of the guys took the early buyout and never looked back.   Years later, he told us it was the best retirement decision he ever made - they told the other guys the market crashes nearly wiped out the pension funds, and it'd be a long time to reinvest enough for a decent retirement fund.

This guy is one of the most frugal guys I've ever known, and faced a lot of pressure (harassment, one could call it), for pulling his money out, they said he would be "losing retirement money, have to learn to live on less, etc".  He retired just over 20 years ago, just a couple of years before the 2000-2001 tech bubble burst (the 1st excuse the Union gave for wiping out the retirement fund).

He still gets all the Union newsletters, uses them for starting fires in the fireplace....  and hasn't voted for a Democrat since, he says, and warns everyone about how the Union bosses left him with LESS money than he put into his retirement for 40 years, but a LOT more than his buddies (who stuck with it) ended up with.
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