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Net Neuteredreality
« on: December 20, 2017, 07:20:57 AM »
What a Power grab!!!

House Energy and Commerce Vice Chairman Marsha Blackburn announced she is sponsoring the Open Internet Preservation Act.

The law will reportedly bar internet service providers from ‘blocking’ or ‘throttling’ web content to consumers, while also keeping states from implementing stricter regulations.

The Tennessee representative says her simple legislation is meant to “settle the net neutrality debate.”

“Just as promised, we have a bill- the Open Internet Preservation Act…And we are back to Title I for an internet service, and yes- to preserve a free and open internet,” announced Representative Blackburn. “No blocking, no throttling…It is my honor to sign this bill.”

It’s still unclear whether the bill will muster bipartisan support as Democrats push to block the FCC’s repeal with their own legislation.

Let's be honest here, if they wanted the internet free and open, they wouldn't be regulating it in any way, they'd simply write a law banning any laws from affecting the Internet.
This sets precedent, in that it opens the doors for taxation.
Don't doubt me on this!


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