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Author Topic: Democrats thinking of switching are not alone my friends.  (Read 493 times)

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Well,.... I was going to tag this article with another but I think it's best if it stood alone. I wanna show and encourage the democrats that they are not alone in this very personal decision. The democrat party has left the Blue Dogs and the moderates to stand out in the cold with the hard left turn the democrats have taken. The only path for the democrat party now is either socialism, communism, or fascism.

If you are one of these democrats I encourage you to read this article in whole and see if you can relate. Our Founding Fathers gave us a "Republic" (Rule of Law). Our democrat friends are trying to take our Republic (Rule of Law) and turn it into a Democracy (Mob Rule).

There is a excellent video in the library section here at Conservative Political Forum (CPF) called
"Republic vs Democracy". Well I looked in the library and I couldn't find it so I will post it below.

Fifty-two local Democrats, including county commissioner, leave the party in three days

“It’s getting to where the Democratic Party is not like it used to be,” Bullard said Thursday to explain his switch. “It’s full of Muslims and full of people who believe in aborting babies up to the ninth month of pregnancy and even my pastor has been encouraging me to change my affiliation because of some of the Democratic Party beliefs. It was something I had planned on doing for a while. I hadn’t gone ahead and done it but, when the Jody Greene issue came up, I figured the time to do it is now.”

Columbus County Democratic Party Chairman Franklin Thurman could not be reached for comment on the changing numbers, but Republican Chairman Sammy Hinson was happy with the changes and predicted more. “It’s probably going to be a higher number,” Hinson said Thursday, “and this is going to be an ongoing process.”

County Republicans have a rally scheduled in support of Greene Saturday at 10:30 a.m. at the courthouse and Hinson said people who attend that rally will be encouraged to switch their party affiliation.

“It’s a combination of what’s going on in Washington and what’s going on with the county with the sheriff’s race. People are just getting tired of it. It’s a lot of things and I think the sheriff’s race was just the straw that broke the camel’s back,” Hinson said. “I think a lot of people realize the Democratic Party is not the party it used to be and it doesn’t look like they will ever go back.”

READ MORE and make the switch...

People sleep peacefully at night because there are a few tough men prepared to do violence on their behalf.

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