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Author Topic: James Murdoch RESIGNS from News Corp Board over ‘editorial’ differences  (Read 68 times)

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Something tells me this is over the very Conservative NY Post writer Michael Goodwin. If you don't know who this writer is, IMO as a Conservative make it your business to read his articles. Michael Goodwin blast the democrats with the truth every chance he gets.

Also, Michael Goodwin is the arch enemy of Andrew Cuomo with Goodwin blasting him every once in a while..... :thumbsup:

“I don’t believe your characterization is correct. I believe it is a political issue. I think it’s the New York Post, I think it’s Michael Goodwin, I think it’s Bob McManus, I think it’s Fox TV. I think it is all politically motivated"......Andrew Cuomo

Here are some of Michael Goodwins writings.

I could be wrong but like the article below states James Murdoch is leaving News corp which owns the NY Post, Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones, meanwhile setting his sights on Fox News. Now you see the turnaround of Fox News with the rino specialist Paul Ryan seating on Fox News board of Directors. 

James Murdoch RESIGNS from News Corp Board over ‘editorial’ differences

James Murdoch, son of Rupert and brother of Lachlan, resigned from the board of News Corp, it was revealed moments ago. He tendered his resignation in a letter saying he has “disagreements” over “editorial content” published by the company’s news outlets.

News Corp is the new version of News Corporation, which used to be the parent company of Fox and Fox News, as we all recall. When the company split, News Corp kept the Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones, the New York Post, and many British and Australian media properties. Fox News and FBN etc became part of the new Fox Corporation, and of course 21st Century Fox eventually went to Disney, which is why you can catch The Simpsons on Disney Plus, ending James Murdoch’s tenure as CEO there.

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Who knows?  I may start watching Fox again.   I was encouraged when they dumped Shep Smith but stopped watching when they fired Trish Regan.
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