Author Topic: Irony: Bernie backers claim fraud in CA Dem chair race over lack of … voter ID  (Read 469 times)

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Who wants a good laugh. The socialist party of Bernie Sanders is crying foul and they are mad as hell because the democrats stole the election from the Bernie Show because you guess it........NO VOTER IDs

Irony: Bernie backers claim fraud in CA Dem chair race over lack of … voter ID

California Democrats closed out their state convention this weekend by giving Donald Trump the finger, but now their own constituents claim that they got the bird flipped at them by the Powers That Be. The convention elected an establishment party operative as its new chair in a close election over a candidate favored by Bernie Sanders activists. The backers of Kimberly Ellis say they will launch an audit of the election that may include taking depositions from every one of the 3,000 delegates at the convention to support a charge of massive electoral and voter fraud by the California Democratic Party.

And guess what they claim as the main issue for that voter fraud? Hmmmmm:

Longtime party operative Eric Bauman won the chairmanship of the California Democratic Party over the weekend — but his victory was marred by complaints of ballot-stuffing and floor protests. Backers of the Kimberly Ellis, a favorite of the “Berniecrat,” activist wing of the party — say efforts to scrutinize the votes will begin immediately.

The unprecedented effort to examine the documentation of the disputed state party’s election results was announced by outgoing California Democratic Party chair John Burton at the close of a raucous state Democratic convention this weekend.

Ellis, the former director of Emerge America, a women’s political organization, lost the election by a narrow margin of 62 votes out of 3,000 cast. Her loss immediately set off protests from hundreds of her backers, many of whom charged that there were irregularities that included allowing voters to cast proxy ballots without proper ID.

READ MORE....No ID required
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Things aren't going well in the Dim/Marxists/Socialist party. I use the illustration of two separate party's because that's what's happening, the socialists and Marxists are at odds and fighting for the very soul of the party.
Right now, the Marxists have the purse, almost identical to what we see in the GOP between the establishment and TEA.

What the article neglected to share, was that Perez was booed profusely at this event DNC Convention.:

Chair Perez Booed, F-Bombs Fly At California Democratic Convention

The communist-backed nurses union is pushing for Commicare in the State and threatening to run candidates against incumbents.

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Love to hear news like this. Their adamant stance against Voter ID is coming back to bite them in the ass, and they deserve it.  :lol:

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