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I fear the future
« on: July 13, 2019, 09:41:08 PM »
I fear the future.

I am not optimistic.  Full Disclosure - I am a white male born in the early 1960s.  At the time, there were about 3.0 billion human beings on Planet Earth.  The US was 88% White, 10% black and everyone else was less than 5%.

I love that the US is a racial diverse melting pot.  Its great to me that we are multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and diverse.  In the past, the people seeking refuge in America were happy to assimilate.  They wanted to take part in the American Dream.  The Land of Opportunity.


The people coming in that past 20 or 30 years hate America.  They blame the US for all the world's problems.  I give you AOC.  I name Talib.  There are others.  Consider Ilhan Abdullahi Omar.  Omar was born in war-torn Somalia and spent years in a refugee camp, facing starvation, disease and sexual assault and who knows what.  We took her in, fed her, educated her, elevated her and now she is very influential.  Too bad she is also ungrateful.  Name another country where she could rise from refugee status to one of the top 500 people of power.  Russia?  Not a chance.  China?   You have to be Chinese first, and then only if you keep your mouth shut for years and follow the party line will you be given the chance to be part of the ruling class.

I am watching the country I love dissolve before my eyes.  Tent Cities in the richest states in America, filled with homeless people.  Human waste on the streets.  Drugged out human beings surviving one day at a time, hoping the Government will provide them with programs to enable their addictions, because "It is only a disease".

There are 20+ Socialists running for President who step over each other to take from the rich to give to the poor.   Free Health Care for all.  Free Education for All.  You're rich? You must have stolen it.  Illegal Aliens?  No, undocumented migrants who should be given all the benefit of social programs funded by taking from the "rich".

Compared to someone from Guatemala where the GDP is about $4500, you, the hard-working middle-class American making $45,000 should be punished for your lavishness.  For you, taking away 30% is only fair. They don't admit that, but that is what will happen.

Yes, I know the Socialists always talk about "taxing the rich".  That means taking money from their guilt-ridden donor base and they're never going to do that.  George Soros is a Saint.

I fear the future.

Every election is a swing of the pendulum.  Jimmy Carter was a reaction to the perceived extremes of Richard Nixon.  By today's standards, Nixon, who established OSHA, the EPA and a myriad of other big-government agencies should be considered a hero by the Left.

Carter's weak economic and foreign policies lead to the swing to the right election of Ronald Reagan (the great President in my lifetime).

George H. W. Bush was just a 3rd term of Reagan.

Enter the Clinton crime family, a swing to the left.  We tolerated him, only because the economic splurge of Y2K made him look like an economic genius.  Put Clinton 10 years earlier or 10 years later and Clinton is just another sleazy politician.

Pendulum swing to the Right.  Bush the younger.  Too bad he had to deal with the unresolved issues of extreme Islam left behind by Clinton.  Too bad he over-reacted.

Pendulum swing to the Left.  Enter Obama, the most radical, incompetent leader in American History.  Feckless.  Apologetic.  Weak.  Social Justice vigilante.  Our country lost most of what it had gained for more than half a century under his watch.  The Main-Stream Media still laud him as a hero in the history of our great republic.  To me, the only president worse that Obama in my lifetime was Carter.

The Pendulum has swung again, now to the Populist Trump.  I applaud his courage, his moxy.  He has Balls.  He doesn't care what the Left thinks.  He is not out to win any popularity contests.  The flips the bird at the Media.  Don Lemon, Rachel Maddow, Anderson Cooper, Lester Holt and the rest.

At some point in time, the Pendulum will swing to the Left.

I fear the future.

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Re: I fear the future
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2019, 06:40:01 AM »
Basically you have a bunch of people that have no idea about what they speak.
We have second generations of immigrants that have fond thoughts of the country that their parents ran from. We have people talking about living in "Democratic Socialist" countries lin Europe as if they were a paradise. I lived in Europe and the history and people are great but given the opportunity to stay, I chose the USA without a second thought They are lied to by their teachers, Social Media and professors.

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Re: I fear the future
« Reply #2 on: July 14, 2019, 07:05:50 AM »
Yes, your Fear is grounded.

These, "Pendulum" swings you mention? Truth is, they really weren't swings, in fact, with the exception of Reagan, we haven't been swinging Right at all. The GOP would stop it mid-swing and send it back.
The GOP leftist whores sold us out long ago for the all mighty buck, they despised the fact that we, the electorate, chose Reagan, they hated us for it. But the point is, the GOP has held the pendulum from swinging to the Right for decades, ever since they killed off the Conservatives movement when they sold out Goldwater. Trump is one of those rare candidates that comes along once in a Nation's history that resets the clock, though, like you, Reagan was the greatest President in our lifetime, he had no where near the amount of enemy Trump does.

What I'm trying to say is, Trump is dealing with a Marxist left Dim constituency, and an leftist infiltrated GOP on the Right. For Trump to succeed people need to wake up to the fact that the GOP is our enemy as well, the enemy of capitulation and concession to Leftists.
The GOP pretends to be Conservative, they lie every campaign then turn left once elected, it's what they are. Remember when we used to say the Dims of the 60s, would be pubs today, so as to compare how far the left as moved?
Truth is, the GOP'E has moved left ,right along with them when you look at that comparison correctly. Your fear is grounded in fact, everything you point out happened, and both party's are to blame and the only way to make it Right is to shitcan the RINO.
McCONnel is up for reelection, I'll be pulling for the Dim to win, that's how much I despise the post turtle, that son of a bitch sold us out and deserves to be kicked to the curb. Hell, he deserves a good old fashioned tar  and feathering. Fuck the commie!

Truth is, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to find out it was the GOP that put her up to running against the Con, knowing full well, had a real Conservative entered the race, the Conservative base would have obliterated the commie Mc Con, but with an incompetent Dim running against him, the weak masses will rally around the Con out of fear.
It's how they calculate every election, it's how these leftist scum have made slaves out of all GOP constituency, through fear of a Dim leftist winning, so we get stuck with a slowly degradating Conservative movement.
That's Right, the Dims run a full blown commie, so what does the GOP do? They run a 60s Dim leftist and don't think this was simply a natural "progressive" move, I have no doubt the leftist incursion into the GOP was all part of the long-term Marxist takeover of the US.
Yes, both party's are leftist, just one less so than the other. I wrote about this years back, though Trump was yet a thought, we were still fighting leftist within.


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