Author Topic: Good read video theory connecting OIG macabe report/Lynch/Weiner laptop..  (Read 1545 times)

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Prime time for a Dim takedown wld be this summer after, like u said, they already had their candidates selected and cldnt get new ones. However i wld think the prime time for a Rino takedown wld be now, before the primaries. I guess we are seeing quite a few retire and not run for reelection...
I have a feeling a few RINO will be swept up in Trump's net as well as Marxist Dims. :biggrin:

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If I were in Trump's place and had all this taking place, I'd ask myself, when would be the perfect time to create the most impact?
Dims are selecting their candidates for the midterms, money is being drawn in for specific candidates, the field is shrinking, (fast forward) were within a few weeks of the election, candidates are in full blown campaign mode and "BOOM", Trump unloads with a bunch of charges and court dates. The Dims don't have time to find new candidates, especially ones Hillary and Warren campaigned for.

What do you think Trump is planning?
Yeah, I realize timing for the elections is big.  I just think he could sow as much chaos and panic earlier, this month.  He can easily maneuver certain people out of the picture now, then get the people who step in, later.  Waiting could give them more options.  There's also supposed to be a long, phased rollout, to minimize shock and panic and anger among the people.  That needs to start now in the leadup to Nov.

It is fascinating to think that this thing has such a long, specific game plan that Comey's book and TV shows, Lynch's various interviews and outbursts, Mueller's various mis-steps and foibles are anticipated and waited for, just to burn them worse.  But they can't just do that continually, with no cut-off point.  They're all in so deep that we don't really need any more gotchas.  At this point it's a 367 years sentence for a few more lies...........vs 324 today.

It's fun also to guess which of these various screwups is genuine, and which are orchestrated by Trump's people per various plea bargains, to bury others.


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